Now a days, Wavy hair is become more popular than ever because of perfect looking weave that can bring satisfied to almost women. However with some people, their original still is in straight hair or human hair extensions is too expensive to them. Don’t worry, because it will be very easily to make wavy hair by straws, just follow some information bellow, you absolutely can become beautiful princess


– A bag of straw with various color

– Hair clips, lanyards, comb

Now let start!

Firstly, Section your hair.


Splitting up your hair into smaller sections will make it easier to work with. Comb your hair out and away from your scalp and clip each section in place. Leave the first section you plan on styling loose


Next, roll your hair tightly onto a straw. Start with the bottom tip of your hair and wrap it around near one end of the first straw. Roll the straw up your hair until the entire strand is coiled or you run out of space on your straw. Be sure to keep the strand taut on the straw without pulling your hair to the point of discomfort.


And then, don’t forget to secure the straw in place with a bobby pin

In the next step, let leave the straws in your hair until it is completely dry. Depending on your hair type, this may take anywhere from three hours to overnight.


Finally, carefully remove the straws. Free each curl one at a time. Start by unclipping its bobby pin. Next, simply unwrap your hair by rolling the straw in the opposite direction. Depending on your hair type, just unclipping the bobby pin may cause the strand to unwrap itself.

Well done! Now you will get the very lovely wavy hair by yourself but very easy as well. By the way, don’t forget to take care well the hair with good conditional for your hair! Hope you can find some good tip, in order to make you more beauty!

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