Many people have been struggling to grow their hair. They have even been practicing a regular hair regime for longer locks. Sometimes, they diligently measure your tresses every month or so to track your progress. True be told, a lot of women is discouraged because their hair isn’t growing as quickly as they expect. Maybe you’ve hit a hair length plateau. If so, is there anything you can do about it to get your Vietnamese hair growing again?

Let’s do a further look at your own hair. If it’s at the shoulder length, it’s definitely possible to gain more inches, but if your hair is brushing your hips, you may have reached your maximum growth phase. All hair eventually stops growing, although each person has her own growth cycle. In general, the average Vietnamese hair growth is ½ inches a month. Therefore, if you haven’t noticed any changes in 2 months then it must be some problems that you need to consider such as your hair care routine, daily styling habits. These reasons can lead to breakage, dryness, hair loss and split ends which definitely contribute to the growth of your hair.

For instance, breakage could account for not seeing any growth; your hair is growing from the roots but may be breaking off at the ends. However, if you’re diligent about not abusing heat or chemicals, and you’re still not seeing any gains, then here are some ways for you.

Use heat protection:
If you are crazy about styling your Vietnam hair, particularly using heat, then heat protection is a must if you want your hair to be healthy. Never forget to apply for some heat protection before straighten or curl your hair.

Learn more protective hairstyles:
Putting your Vietnamese hair up not only keeps your ends safe and well-moisturized, it also puts it out of your mind for the time being. You won’t be tempted to measure it all the time if it’s tucked away in braids, twists or a weave.

Forget the measuring tape:
Instead of always be in an eager feeling to see how your hair grows every single day, put it down and give your hair a rest. Stop measuring for several months. When you do pick up the measuring tape again, you may be pleasantly surprised to see significant gains.

Take Vietnamese hair supplements:
Besides daily hair care routine, using some hair supplements is a great way to make your hair grow faster. Vitamins that promote hair and nail growth can help you through a plateau.

Live a healthy lifestyle:
In addition to any hair growth vitamins you take, be sure and take a daily multivitamin for overall health. You should also follow a well-rounded diet, drink plenty of water, and exercise at least a few times per week. All of this keeps your body nourished and healthy, which in turn has a positive effect on your scalp and Vietnamese hair growth.

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