In Beequeenhair, we celebrate birthday for our staff every month. As a tradition, this month is not an exception. On 9th October we celebrate Ms. Emily, one of our staffs, a birthday party.

Who is the main character?

Ms. Emily is an outstanding staff in our company and she is also the leader of the sale team in our company.

Ms. Emily is one of our staffs who have been working for our company since it was first established. She is impressed with everyone with her enthusiasm, energy as well as inspiration to other members of the company.

Those new staffs who have been under her leading tend to have remarkable progress and work more effectively.

Not just work as a salegirl, Ms. Emily often participate in hosting some activities of the companies such as doing exercise, holding parties and so on. She is passionate, inspirational and adorable.

How is the party?

We often celebrate the birthday party with candies, food, fruits, cakes, drinks and some snacks. But, this time we try to make it a little bit different, so we dicide to go out for lunch with hotpot which is really suitable for a cool day of Autumn.

Of course, we still have birthday cake and fruits.

Everyone seems to be very happy with what we have been through together. They eat, drink and talk with each other. It is so good to have time sharing things and experience.

The party lasts about more than one hour and then everyone go home or back to the office if they still have work to do.

We really appreciate what our staffs have been contributed to the development of the company. So we want to make them feel happy and loved when they work for us. Plus, this is also the chance for all of the members get to know each other and gain more energy to work more efficiently.

We hope that occasions like this will be maintained for long time. We cherish what we have been built together and look forward to the new challenges. Hope that our customers will support us more in the future.

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