Your hair is getting greasy so quickly and makes you feel so uncomfortable. It’s priority to wash your hair daily to get rid of the oily feeling. However, you do not want to damage your hair by over washing it? Let’s try these hair treatment steps as follow to stop your hair getting greasy too easily. These tips and hacks will save you more time than using it to wash your greasy hair. At last you can let your hair unwashed more than a day, stay in bed longer or have time to create a new hairstyle.

  1. Choose your hair treatment set properly:

It’s important to select your shampoo and conditioner carefully. They are the essential basic products that you use to clean your hair regularly. It’s commonly advised that you should choose these products without labels as dry, shiny -glossy, damaged or smoothing. These products just cover the hair with fine layer. It may good for the outside look of your hair, yet not the inside. It may causes your hair oily and more greasy look.

  1. Attend to your diets

The term “you’re what you eat” may not have full its meaning all time. However, it’s right in the way it affect our body. All you need is to give a proper attention to your diets every day. By choosing what to put in your mouth, you can effectively reduce the oily scalp.  It’s recommended that foods which rich in Vitamin B is a best way for your healthy greasy-free hair. You can find its benefit in these foods such as: nuts, whole grains and dark chocolate. You can try out some fruits and vegetables like: banana, avocado, cucumber and lemon or orange juice. Keep in mind to stay away from fried food, dairy products and caffeine if you don’t want your hair get greasier.

  1. Limit your hair washing times

It’s normal if you cannot stand the oily feel on your hair and need to wash it every day. However, to reduce the oily feel that creates daily, you may need to resist a little bit. The cleaner your scalp is, the more ideal for your hair to get greasier. It does not mean you let it unwashed for too long, ideally is about 2-3 days. It may hard to adjust at the first time, but you will see the positive changes soon.

  1. Add a deep cleansing shampoo to your hair treatment set

Your greasy hair is come from its root – oily scalp. To get rid of the greasy look from your hair, you need not only reduce your hair washing time in a week, but also use a better shampoo. Deep cleansing shampoo or purifying shampoo is recommended by hair professor to give your greasy hair the best treatment. By using it weekly and using suitable conditioner, you soon realize the amount of oily on your hair reducing.

  1. Wash your hair with particular amount of shampoo

You need to keep in mind that using large amount of shampoo does not help your hair get rid of the greasy feeling. If you don’t wash your hair properly with water, shampoo may still remain in your scalp and create more oil. You should pay attention at the amount of shampoo and how much you should push in hand every time. Temperature of the water is also playing an important role. You should avoid using hot water to wash your hair because it will make your hair greasier. Cool or cold water is more effective to stopping your hair getting greasy.

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