Fashion trend has been changed over the years and as a result, people, especially Vietnamese women, need to make some changes with their hairstyles, which can help them to look good and match with those world fashion trends. Recently, 2018 Vietnam hair trend has become a strong attraction to modern women who are fresh people and always love changing themselves to become more beautiful day by day.

  1. Hairstyle for oval faces

Oval faces are one of typical types of Vietnamese women faces so it is necessary to find suitable hairstyles for this kind of face. If you have an oval face, perming the ends of your hair may be one of the best choices for you to become more attractive because it can help your face to look smaller; and remember that you should avoid bang as this hair can make you look a little bit uninteresting.

  1. Hairstyle for square face

Shoulder- length is one of traditional Vietnam hair styles and it is also for sure familiar with female and many of them like this simple style because of its beautiful nature. This style is really suitable with girls having square face because it helps their cheekbone and jaw to look better and more pliant.

  1. Wearing down hair style

Provided that you want to be gentle, you should try wearing your hair down and dying your hair honey yellow. Wearing your hair down seems to be a popular Vietnam hair style and if you are a girl who never dyes your hair, dying your hair can bring you a kind of fresh feeling. You are love modern hairstyles, aren’t you? Don’t miss this style.

  1. Long gray hairstyle

This is a long hairstyle dyed gray. Although gray color is not really popular with Vietnam hair style, the effect of gray smoke will help you attract your boys in the first dating. It is also a good way for you to be different and still fascinate in every situation in which you appear.

  1. Bob

Bob hairstyle is one of the best choices for those people who like to take pictures or love going out. This style brings you a young look, but always keeps the femininity and gentleness of Vietnam girl. When mentioning about bob hair, people often think charming short Korean hairstyles. However, for bob Vietnam hair style, there’s also famous young singers who always look gorgeous with this hairstyle has positive impact on young people. Take Min (one of famous Vietnamese singers) for example.

  1. Short hair

Middle-aged women need hairstyles which can show their luxury but not are too fussy. If ladies need a shorter and more comfortable haircut, short hair is the perfect choice. This hairstyle is especially for busy middle-aged ladies, especially successful businesswomen.


Each hairstyle has its unique beauty which can be suitable for each individual style. So now let find yourself the most suitable hair which can show all of your charm, personality and especially, make you more attractive to men.

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