If your hair has thinned or bald on the edges, there is still hope for your hair! Opt for styles that do not pull on your hair; this will cause more damage to the hair follicles that may still be viable and irritate the surrounding scalp. If you’re suffering from alopecia that has resulted in some bald spots, you may not want to buy or construct a full wig.

Clip in or tape in extensions are an excellent alternative to braiding and sewing in wefts or bonding extensions. Clip-ins and tape in Extensions placed virtually no stress on the hair and removed for breaks. Clip in Extensions are tracks that have small clips attached to the wefts; these can be placed throughout the hair near balding spots to mask the affected area.

Tape in hair extensions can be done the same way, and allow your hair to have a little extra fullness and shielded from view.

While Alopecia does affect the hair and scalp by making it itchy, bumpy or causing hair loss, it is still important to practice healthy hair care. Do not give up on your skin and hair because of your condition.

Here are the things to avoid to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

#1 Wash and Condition Hair

Taking care of your scalp can stop additional breakage and keep the hair follicles healthy enough to sustain hair growth later on. Some doctors will prescribe a shampoo or conditioner as well as grease for your hair depending on the condition of your scalp and the needs of your hair.

#2 Use Essential Oils

Essential oils like peppermint, castor and jojoba oil have been proven to help hair growth by stimulating the scalp. Wild Growth Oil is another good oil that restores edges and thickens hair. Be careful to use these oils in moderation and rub into the scalp as directed.

#3 Avoid Tight Styles

During this critical time avoid styles like braids, buns, ponytails, and weaves. All of these styles put added stress on the hair and pull the skin and follicles too tight. Tight techniques and pulling can cause Traction Alopecia or worsen hair conditions.

#4 Take Supplements

Hair growth supplements or general vitamins can provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to produce healthy hair, that you might otherwise be missing out on based on your diet.

#5 Drink Water

Water is the root of all things beautiful! The saying “water does a body good” is correct. Water has a cleansing effect on your entire body and helps the blood move more freely to the scalp as well. Good circulation is good for hair growth. Dehydration can contribute to thinning and dry and brittle hair.

#6 Eat Good “Hair” Foods

Foods that are high in protein, Vitamin C along with Vitamin E help create stronger fuller hair.

Foods such as eggs, nuts, greens and citric fruits are good for the hair. So are chicken and fish! While eating healthier isn’t a promise for Rapunzel hair it will reinforce minerals in the hair shaft and create a better scalp for hair growth.

It is also useful for your skin, nails and overall health.

#7 Avoid Stress

Attempt to stay calm! Added stress can cause your hair to fall out even more. The pressure is terrible for your health, your hair and your sanity!

#8 Exercise

Exercising is a stress reliever and brings extra blood and oxygen to the hair, which can stimulate hair growth. You don’t have to be the next Julian Michaels, but try going with your girls to Zumba maybe once a week. Or turn on your favorite song and get it in at home.

Overall, wigs are a good option for styling when dealing with Alopecia. Any texture, type or length of extensions are excellent to use for your hair.

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