When shopping for hair extensions, you must have come across the term virgin hair and wondered what it is and why should you buy it. Terms like Vietnam virgin hair, Vietnam Remy hair and Vietnam human hair may surprise and confuse you at the same time, but understanding these terms can help you make a better buying decision.

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What is Vietnam Virgin Hair?

Hair for extensions can be made of many different things that include human hair, animal hair, synthetic fiber, or a blend of synthetic, animal, or human. Also known as raw hair, virgin hair is chemically unprocessed human hair that has never been subject to any dye, bleach perm, hard wash or any kind of chemical damage.

Virgin Vietnam hair is obtained directly from the donor and later washed and packed for sale. A properly designed method is used to make sure that all the hair cuticles are in proper alignment. This ensures that the hair is silkier and softer, and looks more natural.

Benefits of Virgin Hair

There are numerous benefits of purchasing virgin hair some of which include:

– Numerous styling options

– No shredding or combing

– Natural looking hair

– Resistance to damage from hair products


Owing to the high demand of Vietnam virgin hair, there are numerous vendors out there and some also try to sell fake hair. The first thing you should do to make sure the hair is original is to smell it. Unauthentic and fake hair has a specific chemical smell and if you sense a peculiar smell, consider it as an indication that the hair is fake.

Secondly, observe the condition of the wefts. There should not be any loose threads, uneven stitching or irregularities. Otherwise, the hair extension will not last long.

Lastly, the color is an indication of whether the virgin hair is actually genuine or not. Although all virgin hair can be colored to match your hair, it naturally comes in a dark black color. If you see Vietnam virgin hair extensions in unnatural color, consider it as a red flag.


Grades of Virgin Hair

A hair grading system is used to determine the quality of virgin Vietnam hair. The lower grade hair usually sold in local beauty stores is 4A and 5A grade hair. It is low quality and tends to break and tangle easily. Grade 6A hair is good for people who are on a budget and it lasts for up to 6 months to one year. 7A and 8A are a little more expensive but also better in quality. For curly hair, 8A or above works best. A virgin hair is the best quality available in the market.

If you treat it properly, you can easily ensure that the Vietnam virgin hair extensions last longer and give you a naturally beautiful look.

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