Not sure if you need a closure? Well let me explain what a closure is used for and the difference it creates in your style. Closures are used with full sewn in weaves. They’re placed at the top of the head to close off the style. If installed properly with a full weave, it can give you a natural looking scalp/part.
Closures can come in different shapes and material. At the Hair Factory we offer several types of closures. The Breathable Closure™, which is constructed with a silk mesh base, and a polybase strip in its outer perimeter. This makes it sustainable during installation and when reusing. These are available in relaxed and European silky straight textures.

Our New York Remi Closure is also breathable, and available with a bigger base. These are made without the polybase perimeter, but with a freestyle parting. A freestyle parting means you can part this vietnam remy hair anywhere on the base. This closure comes in a curl or a wavy texture.

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Last but not least in our breathable category is our Monotop Petite closure. Now don’t get confused about the name, it is still a breathable closure. This too comes with a freestyle parting, but with a polybase perimeter. The difference between this and the Breathable Closure™ is the base is bigger on the Monotop Petite, and the hair is longer. The Monotop Petite is available in three different texture; wavy, relaxed straight, and silky straight.

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We also have lace front closures with our Pure Remi Closures. Now, you will always get the most realistic look using a lace front closure. A lace front gives the illusions of hair growing from the scalp. Lace front closures can be attached by bonding, sewing, or clips. This is a choice that should be made by the purchaser, stylists, and/or both.
Whether you should you use a closure or not depends on what look you are trying to achieve. Is a closure necessary for a full sewn in weave? No, but typically a closure is used with a full sewn if you are not leaving any hair out; this will give you the most naturally looking style. Closures can also be used to create bangs!

What closure will you pick? I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

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