You have made the right choice to decide on using professional Vietnam hair extensions. However, to ensure that you can enjoy your precious extensions as long as possible, here are some methods for keeping the Vietnam hair extension lifespan longer but still in good condition. With properly daily care, you will be able to enjoy your hair extension for a long time. No matter if you’re a newbie to Vietnam hair extensions, or experienced user.  It’s always a good to remember on how to take care of your hair set.  The better care you give for your hair extensions, the longer lifespan they will last for you. Let’s discover all of the most effective care treatment for your hair extension.

Preventing Tangling

Even all hair extensions can or may be tangled – it’s normal and also to be expected. It is because tangles are caused by the  rub of your own natural hair against the hair extensions. This is why we always recommend you sleep, shower or swim without the hair extension. This can cause the hair to be mix together and  may create knots.

One of the best methods to keep your extensions tangle-free is to keep it on top of your regular brushing.  Always bring a paddle brush with you when go out so that you can easily give your hair a quick brush when it needs. And remember to brush your hair extensions each time you apply or remove them.

How to Reduce Shedding

Because of making of natural hair, averagely, your own natural hair may shed about 100 strands per day. Therefore, you can expect some shedding throughout your hair extension’s lifespan. Each time you brush or try a new style with your extensions, remember that there will be light shedding.  However, no need to be surprised or worried too much about this. It does not mean that you should reduce the amount you brush the extensions. You can minimize this by other ways.

Remember that washing the extensions too much will cause it to be dry out the hair then may make them to shed. However, the more products you use on the extension, the more you will need to wash it. So keep in mind that the effective way to reduce shedding is trying to use a minimal amount when you style your hair.

Washing your Extensions

Not like your own natural hair, the hair extensions don’t need to be washed too much. The less you wash your hair extensions, the longer they can last for you.  Our natural hair needs regular washing because of oil produced every day from the scalp. However, hair extensions are different without the scalp. Therefore, you do not endure the same oil produce and just need washing when there is too much product which used in them. It is best to wash the hair extensions after every 15-20 times you wear.

Keep in mind when washing the hair extensions, it’s important to hydrate them as much as possible. As the hair extensions don’t receive enough natural nutrients and oils from the scalp as natural hair. It’s really important to sure that your extension is always nourished and moisturized.  This will keep it looking healthy longer. It’s recommended to stay away from products which is included sulfate or alcohol because these ingredients may dry the hair out.


Remember each person’s hair is different, so it’s the best to keep an eye closely on your natural hair and the hair extensions.  Keep checking how often they need to be take care, like brush or wash and which products are best or need to use.  Because of making from natural hair, the most effective way to reduce damage is to avoid over-styling or over-washing, both your own natural hair and Vietnam hair extension. With a good routine daily, your hair extensions can last for months and you can enjoy it at the fullness.

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