In the present time, using tape human hair extensions has become a favorite among salon professionals. Easy applying and removing, safe, comfortable, and natural are few words to say about tape in.


I’m sure that you couldn’t imagine how bad it is when using tape in human hair extensions in wrong way. If you are new to this field, or just unsure on how to properly care for them, please check out these quick tips below that breaks down the basic do’s and don’ts.


Go to a reputable stylist.

      From my point of view, only a licensed professional who has received education or training should apply your extensions. I’m sure that you will be happy because of perfect looking instead of using cheap services


Make the splurge for high-quality tape in extensions.


      It is very important to you when choosing tape in because of their quality. Tape should be strong then no hair falling down, along with high quality of human remy hair. It will protect you from shedding and tangling.

Use the recommended hair care

      This step is especially important! Do not use any shampoos that contain silicone or moisture. Any conditioners, oils, or masks, you must use from the mid-shaft down, so the product never touches the base of the panels. Ask your stylist to recommend the best products to use for your particular brand of extensions.


Do not shower or excessively sweat for 48 hours after application.

      You must not wash your hair or excessively sweat for 24-48 hours after application to ensure the bond adheres properly.


Your extensions should not be slipping or falling out

      Depending on the brand, the first application should last for about 6-8 weeks before you need a reapplication. If you are experiencing slipping, be honest and consult with your stylist. Product usage could potentially be the culprit why your extensions are slipping.

Do not sleep with wet hair

Sleep with wet hair is really not good for your tape, because it can be falling off. Just let it completely dry or try a loose braid or ponytail instead

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