If you enter the hair extensions field, I think that you will know that there are so many kinds of hair extensions like wefted, prebonded, lace closure,… and one kind of them is Clip-in. As my opinion, Clip-in hair extensions are really beautiful, nice and easy for you to use.

The Clip-in hair extensions are comfortable to wear, lightweight and the unique design to use, and they make you feel beautiful, feel confident. Clip-in hair extensions allow you to experience with volume hair, color hair and different hair colors, add highlights or lowlights without dying your natural hair.

clip in 1

Clip-in from Beequeenhair Company are made from 100% Vietnamese human remy hair. All hair is unprocessed human hair, no mixed synthetic hair, no silicon treated.

clip in 2

Beequeenhair Clip in with very strong clip will protect the strip when you apply. We can make number of clip as your requirement from 1, 2 to 5 clips in one line, and one bundle from 150 grams to 200 grams and more, plus with many different lengths from 10 inches to 32inches.And we will make the clip-in line have the same color as your hair color when you need.

clip in 3

And I will show you how to add Clip-in hair extensions into your real hair :

Step 1: Brush your hair into upper and lower sections. Use a clip to secure the upper section of hair on top.

Step 2: Brush your hair and your Clip-in hair extensions gently with a fined toothed comb. And you brush a little hair of the upper hair on the reverse of your own hair to keep your Clip-in added strongly. Remember to keep the hair extensions smooth before adding into your own hair.

clip in 4

Step 3: Open your Clip-in. You can add with three clips across the top and four around the bottom. Make sure that all seven clips are in the open position, then line up the top seam of the netting with your part and attach the top middle clip first.
Attach the four lower clips along the lower half of your hairline, around the nape of your neck.

Step 4: Let your upper hair sections down and use the fined comb to brush your hair carefully. Please check that your clip-in hair extensions can’t be looked because Clip-in hair extensions need hiding under your own hair.

Your Clip-in hair extensions need the same colors as your own hair, or you know how to choose colors when adding the different color hair. Please don’t let the Clip-in hair extensions become a contrast line from your own hair so that your hair looks so natural, beautiful and volume.
Beequeenhair Clip-in hair extensions can last long from 6 months and years when you care them well and your hair will go instantly more volume and length. And you can find and like many hair extensions at Beequeenhair with many textures, colors and lengths. Please contact us to have the best choice and best price.


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