Clip in hair is one of hair extensions product which has some small clip in putted under the real hair. It is very convenience for client because of high technology that the hair can be apply and remove at anytime and anywhere without going to salon.

Appling clip in hair extensions is quite easy and do not take your time much. Firstly, open the clip in, then, put them on your real hair. Finally, close the clip to hold them on your head. Please don’t forget to take a part of real hair to cover the hair extensions.

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Here is some interesting informations about clip in hair extensions with Beequeenhair

-What’s clip in hair made from? Real human hair or synthetic hair? What is synthetic hair?

In general, clip in hair can be made from human hair and synthetic hair as well. Synthetic hair is some hair that look really like human hair, and there are 2 kinds of material: Kenakalon and Toyakalon in hair market.

Firstly, KANEKALON artificial fibers:  

It has 99% look like real human hair in color and the structure of the hair. This fibers can be make the texture with 100 degree to 140 degree heat. However, this Kanekalon artificial fibers is very easily to tangle, so, please real some recommend in “guide for caring long hair extensions” in order to use this for long time.

Secondly, TOYOKALON artificial fibers:

The most thing difference with above fibers is that this artificial fibers is really soft and not easy tangling but we can’t use this with iron heat

 – How many colors for clip in hair extension?

There are many colors for clip in hair extensions, but black, brown, red brown and light brown are most popular in the market. Sometime, you can find the true red, green or purple.

– Can I dye, make straighten or make curly by chemical?

The answer is can’t. You can use chemical for real human hair only, please read more “100% virgin human hair”.  Therefore, let choose the clip in artificial fibers same color with real hair. If not, please dye your real hair to the clip in’s color

– Can artificial fibers clip in be cut?

Sure, you can cut it in whatever style you like. If you use it with good caring, it can stay beauty in 6 months to one year.

– How can I do to take care of hair extensions?

You should wash the hair once for two days. After using, please put it in clean bag then it is always ready for next using. Oil and conditional are necessary in order to keep hair soft and shine.

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– Comparing price between clip in real human hair and clip in artificial fibers ?

you can see that, human hair always more expensive than other hair because of higher quality. Depend on the quality and length, price of virgin hair is approximately 40-60 dollar /set. On the other hand, the artificial fibers is only 10-15 dollar/set. So, using artificial fiber clip in will be more economical.

With normal virgin human hair extensions like bulk, weft or pre-bonded, you will take 3-4 hours for applying, but it’s still shedding or even cause uncomfortable. But clip in with artificial fibers take you only 2-3 minutes to apply and remove.

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