The following tips will guide you how to apply clip-in hair extensions for 5 different types of hair including a half up style, side braid, ponytail, high bun, and low side bun.

  1. Side Braid Instructions:

Step 1: Divide a layer of hair at the top of ears and put two single clip wefts next to each other and ensure that they are towards the left side.

Step 2: Put the hair down and divide a new layer of hair.

Step 3: Apply two more single clip-in hair extensions to the new layer that you have divided.

Step 4: Divide a third layer and put one or both of the two clip wefts.

Step 5: Collect all of the remaining hair over the left shoulder and finish the hairstyle.

For girls or women who are fond of wearing a thick and full ponytail, clip-in hair extensions is a great choice. You can use all four of the single clip extensions and the two clip wefts. To camouflage for the two clip wefts, you can fold and clip them together to make them as wide as a single clip weft. By this way you can create two extra wefts.

  1. Ponytail Instructions:

Step 1: Comb all of the hair up to where you would like to make your ponytail. These tips can apply for every ponytail regardless of shape, whether it is high or low.

Step 2: Put a finger into the hair right above where you intend to make your ponytail and you can apply the first clip-in hair extensions there.

Step 3: Put two single clip wefts or the folded 2 clip wefts next to each other.

Step 4: Now devide a layer of hair and put it right above the extensions (towards the forehead) and apply two more extensions.

Step 5: Divide a third layer of hair and apply the last two clip-in hair extensions into this new layer.

Step 6: Comb the hair back into the ponytail which is directly placed under the last extensions and tie it by a hair band.

Step 7: If you would like to have volume at the crown, you can pull the hair at the top of my head afterwards and this way can help to hide the vietnam remy hair even better.

  1. Side Bun Instructions:

Step 1: Tie the hair into a ponytail, and place it where you want to make your bun.

Step 2: Put a finger into the hair right above that spot and split the hair.

Step 3: Place two single clip wefts next to each other and put the hair down.

Step 5: Split a new layer of hair directly above the previous one and apply two more wefts.

Step 6: To have extra fullness, you also can divide a new layer of hair as well as place the two 2-clip wefts.

Step 7: Finally, tie the hair back into the ponytail and this is when you can finish your bun.

Clip-in hair extensions may be an optimal choice for you to not have to worry about the hair’s length whenever you want to change your hair style. Let consider several tips above to have your desire hair.

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