Active hairstyles

The 2017 shoulder-length short hairstyle combining with side parting is expected to be the choice for many active girls this year. With this hairstyle, you can change yourself with different colors. The smoke color is extremely fashionable, favored and chosen today by the youth due to its novelty and uniqueness. It can be seen that smoke-colored hair is the choice of many young girls when they want to completely change their style.

You will become more impressive and stylish due to smoke color, and there are many ways to combine the colors to create prominent smoke color such as gray smoke, brown smoke, … Surely, you should not ignore this hairstyle to refresh your fashion style this year.

Korean hairstyle

Korean hairstyles have always been hot and becoming the 2017 short hair trend for students. This hairstyle is not picky, suitable for many types of faces from round, square, to angled face. At the same time, it helps teenagers express the beauty of the student ages.


Being inspired by Korean stars, ponytail is predicted to be a hair trend for this year. This hairstyle is quite simple, you can mix with many colors and favorite bangs.

Short hair for summer

The slightly curled bob hairstyle will definitely bring magic to you and fit the active, playful and lovely girls. Many popular stars such as Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lawrence … are in favor of this hairstyle. Pioneers of bob hair trend in Vietnam is the famous female singers like Miu Le, Toc Tien, … Cool summer is a priority, a variation of tomboy style, which is considered to be a stylish and dynamic style for modern girls.


Short hair for fall

With cold weather and blue sky, autumn brings a sense of gentleness and calm. A beautiful and naturally straight hair is very suitable for fall weather.

Besides, natural bob hairstyles are also a hint for autumn this year. It is an extremely simple but beautiful short hairstyle and suitable for many different types of faces. The highlight of short hair is to bring the fresh and attractive look that the femininity desires. With this hairstyle, you will get the most natural beauty without spending too much time caring for. You just have to style this bob hairstyle with a little variation like naturally straightening, gentle trimming.

Short hair for winter

The fuzzily curly short hairstyle always becomes hot again every winter. The reason is that it gives a feminine, stylish and eye catching look to the fashion style of winter.

Floating curls can make hair thicker, more attractive and create warmness and they are well suited to winter outfits. A floating thin hair that floats will help you become more beautiful and prominent.

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