Do you know your face shape fits with which real hair extensions style ? Let’s select which are the best human hair extensions by face shape, so you look gorgeous from day to night!

There are 6 face shapes : Oval face, oblong face, round face, square face, heart face and diamond face.

face shapes

BeequeenHair share to you some guidelines that you can use :

1.Oval shape

Women with oval-shaped face are the luckiest of all! Your face can look great in almost  any human hair extensions  styles you want : straight, deep wavy , loose wavy, body wavy, natural wavy, loose curly, kinky curly…with many different colors. This is so because the parts of your face are symmetrical. Your forehead, mid-face and your chin area are of the same sizes.

However,  Remy hair extensions with heavy cuts or fringes should best be avoided. Also, remember not to wear curls along your face because they’ll change that symmetry

oval shape2.oblong shape

The ideal virgin hair extensions for oblong face women only should choose wavy hair extensions such as : body wavy, deep wavy or natural wavy . Short har extensions ( about 10” to 20” ) also are best for an oblong face shape.

oblong shape3.Round shape

Choosing the best human hair extensions for round face shape is not big problem. The round face shape is very popular in the world , women with round faces always want to have a style with their real hair extensions that minimizes this face shape’s tendency. So, We suggest : vic hair, straight hair or curly hair extensions . However, best choice is vic hair and you can choose color hair to suit your color skins.

round shape4.Square shape

As you know, Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie also get a aquare shape . Let ‘s see which human hair extension style  they choose from time to time can give you valuable hints, considering they look fantastic throughout the years.

So, you can choose short straight or long natural wavy hair . Those types are best for your face shape.

wavy hair 5.Heart Shape

Heart-shaped face women have the advantage of getting an angular look. So, you should choose real hair extensions styles to avoid covering the angles of the face and be short. the virgin hair extensions styles  suggested is natural wavy, body wavy, deep wavy or straight with the size from 8 inch – 20 inch

virgin hair extensions 6.Dimond shape

The dimond face shape isn’t common, so dimond face shape women can choose natural wavy, body wavy . Don’t choose curly hair extensions or kinky curly. There is a notice with a wavy hair, the size should be about 14 inch -24 inch to make you look more beautiful.

curly hair extensions

Hope you can get the best human hair extensions for yourself !!!

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