Short bob hairstyles are a timeless look that can be worn by everyone depending on the hair cut. With tons of modern and fashionable, the short bob hair can be customized to match your personality. Whether you’re a young girl or an adult, a short bob can be a great hairstyle for you to make you attractive. Now, take a look through these inspiring pictures of short bob haircuts and gain new insights on what this style can do for you.

With the short, it’s easy to manage and carry for various purposes. In these busy days, you need very few times to style hair on a regular basis. In this case, the short bob hair is easy to manage, and you need to invest short time to style them. This short hairstyle looks great for various purposes.

Ombre bob – This ombre short bob hairstyle really face framing and emphasize any facial features. With 2 primary colors, dark brown in the top and light brown at the end, this hair makes you gravely and elegantly. You can be confident to go to party or even in this hairstyle. I sure everyone will give you the best words for this hair!

Layered Bob – the hottest hair extension in this moment. About short hair, it makes your appearance bold and smart. It’s suitable when you are no free time to comb it. It’s quite popular hairstyles now and be active person when wearing it. Making you strong person and your face will be bright with the short hair that hair is rounded a haft of face.  

Chin bob length hair – the highlights hair for being suitable with each ageing. If you are adult, I think you will be younger too much when owning this hair. With 2 colors alternate each other, make your hair is very stunning. Combined with a short T-shirt and a short jean and snakes, you look so good actually.

Bring your bob with a super cute curly style which complements all face shape. A soft cut that will show you feeling confident and fresh every time you go out; this hair below has 2 brown colors but it looks so strong. Especially, it is remy hair so you can dye it to change the style and color that you need. You are so pretty in this hair.

One of the short bob hairs you should try in this season – the short bob cut which is designed to be longer in front and shorter at the back. With owning this color for short hair, it make your body is more wonderful and attractive. To have best blonde color, you can use virgin hair extension to bleach. Another color you should try is blonde color, with blonde color help brighten your look and add volume to the hair.

Apart from supplying human hair with long hair and medium hair, we supply short hair from 6 inches to 14 inches (shoulder length hair). Being a human hair, you can free to make style that you want. Vietnam hair, we supply the best hair for you!

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