Black hair is one of the most desired hair types in the world because it looks good on any skin-tone. No matter how your skin is, you will never fail with this hair. Many people love it and although their hair is not naturally black, they get it colored black or even apply black hair extensions. This is considered as a solution for girl loving black hair. Are you in this situation? If the answer is yes and you are finding a hair extensions brand, Beequeenhair is a potential choice. Our brand is chosen by many women all over the world. With Beequeenhair brand, you can apply hair extensions without worrying about quality because we commit to supply high-quality products.

If you love black hair and want to look stunning with it, hairstyles for black medium hair below will help you.

Medium layered black hairstyle

This is perfect for your shoulder length hair. To get this hairstyle, ask your hair stylist to cut long layers across the length of your hair. Divide your hair into two equal sections and brush them towards two sides. If you have oval shaped face, this hairstyle boosts your look a lot because it will frame your face nicely.

Jet Black Medium Length Curls

You should try this hairstyle if you have a long shape of the face. Curl the ends of your hair and make a middle parting to get this style. This will make your look so sweet and feminine. Also, this is great for events and parties.

Messy wavy black hair with bangs

Sometimes you should change yourself with a new hairstyle – messy wavy black hair with bangs. You can mess up your hair nicely by using your fingers. The bangs also can make you different. You will look amazing with style if having round shaped face.

Medium wavy bob

Bob is favorite hairstyle of many women. You can look both sweet and active with this style. To look more glamorous, you can apply some 20 inches hair extensions for the thick and full of volume hair. Your round or oval shaped face will be perfect with medium wavy bob.

Medium black hair with curls

Your silky black hair will look amazing with this hairstyle. To get this, you just need to put in hair curlers to make good, big curls on the bottom half of your hair.

Curly bob haircut

This vintage hairstyle will make you look graceful and outstanding in the crowd. Your curly hair need to be cut into bob haircut to get this style. Then, you can apply hair spray to keep it messy. This is amazing in any event or party. You will be in the spotlight on any red carpet.

Above are some hairstyles for black hair. No whether you have naturally black hair or get it by coloring or hair extensions, all these hairstyles are good for you. Know your hair texture, your face shape well to choose the best black hairstyle yourself.

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