Clip in hair extensions is our bestseller and is a classic hair extension made of real hair that you can attach in under 5 minutes . Clip-in is an extension method that works just as well for first-timers as experienced users.

Clip-in hair extensions come in packages of 5, 7, 9 pieces or  according to customer request. Clip in hair extensions with sewn-in clips and can be used as extensions, thickeners or to create a dramatic colored hair extension. 

The hair is completely real and can be styled or cut however you want. Using genuine hair of BeeQueen hair  gives you both a natural look and also hair that falls naturally just like your own.

 The clips, which are sewn into strip clip in and come in various colors to match your hair. We offer dark clips for dark hair, light hair for blonde hair etc. Each piece has a different number of clips in the hair depending on its width ( Example strip clip in 4 inches attach 2 clips).  The width of the segments is adjusted for placement in different areas on your head. This also means that your extensions will flow naturally into your hair and blend right into your natural and nice look.

How to choose a Clip-on set?

Blonde, brown, black or red ombre hair extensions. Clip-in come in many colors and nuances to make it easy for you to find a shade that’s practically identical to your own. Once you’ve found the right one or ones, it’s time to choose the quality. Start by feeling your natural hair. Do you have fine strands or are they thicker? Does your hair feel coarse or soft? If you want your hair extensions to look as natural as possible, it is important to take quality into consideration as well.

How to put in hair extensions with clips?

Clip-in extensions are attached in the morning and removed at night. In other words, you must not sleep, swim, or shower with them in. To put in these extensions, you only need a pin tail comb. You can curl or straighten before attaching or after, both ways work. When attaching your Clip-in, you start by creating a horizontal parting. Pull away any hair that remains. Tease the hair that is closest to the scalp at the parting. Open the hair clips by bending until you hear a click, and then attach the extensions to the area you want. Repeat this procedure for all pieces.

Clip-in hair extensions set come in normal packages of 5, 7 and 9 pieces. Attachment works the same for another sets as 1 piece or 4 pieces, the only difference being where you attach the pieces. If you have a hair extension clip with just one piece, you should attach it in a U-shape with the lowest point at your neck.

Clip-in set with straight hair, Clip – in set Wavy or Clip-in set with curly hair?

These extensions also come in different varieties for straight, Wavy ( Natural Wavy, Body Wavy, Deep Wavy and Water Body Wavy)  and curly hair…Wavy extensions, or Curly hair undergoes heat treatment with a curling iron to achieve its waves, which makes it slightly curly. The Clip in sets Curly are then permed to ensure the right form, which means that the structure holds up well even after washing. All of our real hair can be curled, straightened and styled to your liking.

Come to BeeQueen hair, we will supply clip-in hair extensions with the best quality for you. All steps from collect Remy hair to classify and produce clip in hair extensions are strictly managed and inspected, we have a large team of highly skilled, experienced employees.

All kind of Clip-in hair extensions is made of 100% human hair, no processed, no chemical, without units, insects, it is very strong, smooth and healthy.

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