Your hair and your skin as well are the first parts of our body to be directly exposed to air pollution. Luckily, even if air pollution can have effects on your skin, but protective creams and lotions can help to prevent any serious damage from affecting your skin. On the other hand, it seems like it is harder to protect your hair from the sun.

There are quite many people overlooking the damaging effects of pollution that may have on physical and mental health. One of the primary impacts of pollution, both in the home and outside, is damaging for your natural hair, especially for people with hair extension. In this blog post, something you truly need to bear in mind about ways to get rid of being affected by air pollution for your natural hair and hair extension.

How Pollution Affects Your Hair

Pollution consists of toxins, dust and smoke in the atmosphere and hang out in the air. These stuffs, although many of you will not realize it, can cling to hair and even prompt premature baldness.

Some specific particles in the air, like dusts, toxins may cause negative reactions in some people. If you suffer from a pollution-induced dust particle, you will easily see that your hair quality will decrease and diminish, or that you begin to lose the balance of natural hair, and worse with hair extension

So, how to deal with this situation? McSara would like to go along with you to find out the best solutions for it!


An up-to-date hat is not simply just for fashion, they actually can serve a purpose of protecting your human hair under the sun too. The shades from the hat would protect your human hair and even hair extension from any airborne particles that could be toxic and harmful.


Starting a deep conditioning routine weekly or even daily is a first and foremost thing needed in order to achieve a good human hair. Deep conditioners are normally used to repair damaged hair, penetrate so deep into the hair hydrating and repairing it. Over-styling with color or heat will add to the effects of pollution and the environment do a number on your hair, with a deep conditioner, it would be a sure-fire way to help keep it always healthy.


Natural hair which is under attack of major amounts of air pollution becomes damaged, feeling brittle and making breakage and split ends more likely. Please always keep this in mind that, when using heat from a straighter, curling iron or hair dryer, minimizing the amount of heat you use and usually use a heat protecting product to reduce the impacts of damage on your human hair, especially hair extension. You need to be careful when brushing and styling hair unless damaged hair is more susceptible to fall out.

If you have any further solutions to protect human hair and hair extension, do not be hesitant to contact McSara to share with each other!

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