We’ve officially entered summer, it tends to aggravate hair frizz, thanks to wind, humidity, and heat. But don’t worry. We’ve found effective ways to battle this common summer Vietnamese hair problem. Try these tips to stop frizzy hair before it starts.

  1. Conditioner:

Conditioner helps hydrate dry hair and coats the hair shaft to lock out moisture. Your hair will become smooth, no dry or frizzy.

  1. Skip the Shampoo

Every time you wash your Vietnamese hair, you strip away natural oils that can help tame frizz and prevent tangles. Instead of shampooing daily, try shampooing every other day to let those oils form and naturally calm your hair.

  1. Choose vietnamese hair care products

Some hair care products you’re using could actually be drying out your hair. Always check product labels and avoid anything that contains isopropyl alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate. These detergents not only remove moisture from your hair, but they can also irritate your scalp.

  1. Use hair mask

If  your hair is  been damaged by heat styling or color treatments , conditioner alone isn’t enough to rescue your hair. You should apply an extra moisturizing Vietnamese hair mask  twice a week and relax.

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