Don’t touch your Vietnam hair. Friction can also rough up the hair’s cuticle and cause frizz. Avoid brushing frizz-prone hair. Instead, comb through with your fingers .

Styling hair while it’s sopping wet

If you have curly or wavy hair, you know that frizz starts rearing its ugly, poufy head the second your hair starts to dry. Hair is smoothest when it’s wet, so apply a gel or curl cream as soon as you finish showering to avoid the dreaded frizz halo.

Use Vietnam hair serum

Silicone serums coat the hair with a protective gloss that keeps moisture from the atmosphere out of the cuticle. .

Perfect your blowout technique

As you blow dry your hair, pull sections tight with a brush and point the nozzle of your hair dryer toward the ends of your hair. This helps smooth the cuticle so Vietnam hair looks sleeker and shinier.

Gentle Dry

Regular towel drying tousles your hair and causes unwanted volume around your hair’s cuticles. If you don’t want to use a hairdryer, gently pat dry your vietnam hair with a microfiber towel

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