Everyone likes nice wavy hair in summer once in a while, and some of us want it all the time. A nonchalant effortless look as if you are spending all summer by the beach is so tempting. Well, to make it look really nice, you’ll still need to put some effort into your wavy hairstyle.

Wavy hair style is so popular nowadays

Curling with a ponytail

            While some wish to curl hair without heat, you can find a healthy compromise by using quite a bit less. If your hair is long, you may curl it mid- shaft to ends. Make a ponytail. Style ringlets with a medium- barrel curling iron. Brush through the ringlets to make them loose and natural- looking. Cut the elastic to release the curls

Combining irons

            Did you know you can purchase an iron that works as both a curler and a straightener? They cost a bit more but, they do make a world of difference on stubborn hair. You can curl your locks with a straightener simply by wrapping hair around just as you would do with a curler.

From braids to waves

            Want to curl hair without a curling iron? You can learn how to get wavy hair simply by braiding it and then ironing the braids with your straightener. This works on all hair types but holds best if you add some product before you start braiding.

Curling through styling

If you have a curl- worthly event coming up but do not want to deal with rollers, braid your hair the day before. Use either regular or fishtail braids, sleep in with the chosen hairstyle and then unravel the braids in the morning for cute second-day waves

A headband with a Twist

            You can curl with a wand, or you can protect your tresses from heat damage by twisting them around a headband. Make loops completely around the band so it is covered. You can use this trick for thick hair that is stubborn with an iron. Leave it in overnight and enjoy your natural beauty hair the next day!

How to make your hair wavy with style

            Instead of using a heat tool that can stress out your hair, keep things harmless with wavy hair products and the beauty of the time. Place clean hair into a loose ponytail, divide it into sections and wrap each section around your 2 fingers two or three times, depending on your length, secure with a bobby pin and leave overnight. Take the pony apart in the morning and enjoy your curl!

Waves with a flat iron

Curling irons can be expensive and temperamental- plus there are so many to choose from. Keep life simpler by curling your hair with a flat iron instead. You can get big wavy hair simply by wrapping a strand around the iron panels and curling as you normally would. The samller the flat iron, the tighter the curl.

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