The autumn winter with cold tone as well as the trendy hair color surely can make girls feel pleased.

Are you wondering what kind of hairstyles keep up with the current hair trend? The following hair dyeing color making skin light in the autumn winter will be a great suggestion for you. Not only help make girls look more beautiful, they also lighten the skin.

Hair suited to skin color is also the factor that makes girls more good-looking. With 6 hair colors mentioned below, girls no longer have to worry anymore! These colors can make girls’ skin look brighter, giving them a good look.

Let’s discover together the currently hottest hair dying colors for this autumn winter!

  1. Smoky hair color

It is not difficult to realize that smoky hair color still holds the # 1 position in the market. In the past few years, many girls have tried this hair color. Smoky grey hair is becoming more suitable in the autumn winter season with cold tone.

  1. Moss hair color

The next trend following smoky hair color is moss color with mysteriously cold tone. While smoky color with the tendency of light hair, moss color is the choice for those who prefer dark colors. Moss hair color has been a trend for a long time and there has been no signs of heat decline. It will be great when styling moss hair color in the cold weather!

  1. Bronze brown hair color

Dark tone is still dominant. Brown hair with a bit of bronze is also a great suggestion for the autumn winter days. Brown color will have more options for you to choose, girls can dye from dark to light tone depending on your preference. Herein are the five most basic colors which is in order from dark to light:


  1. Reddish brown hair

Do you like red? Selecting the reddish brown color without hesitation. The colors mentioned below will definitely make you irresistible. Red color always has a special attraction. Reddish brown is also very popular since it lightens the skin.

  1. Yellowish pink hair (Rose Gold color)

Say goodbye to cold tone, we come to brighter colors. Rose Gold has been recently very popular. With this charming hair color, it is sure that everyone can not take your eyes off you. With the two cold colors above that are about the mystery, yellowish pink hair gives you a charm hard to describe.

  1. Ombre hair is a recently favorable trend. Do you feel that ordinary dyeing hair is nothing new? So, dressing up your hair with the super-attractive Ombre dyeing hair color. Dyeing this color focuses on lightly dyeing in the hair roots, you can mix the color between the ends and roots in best suitable way. Herein are some beautiful samples for girls to choose.

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