Short haircut is a secret to change the style and help girls look younger and more dynamic. However, not everyone looks good with a short hair, even famous stars, in which we cannot miss these following Korean female stars who failed in changing their image with short hairstyles.

  1. Krystal

Krystal is considered as a “beauty queen” of the Korean entertainment industry, her bright face and long attractive hair left a strong impression on the fans. Although she is well known for being so beautiful, deciding to cut off her long hair and appear with a short bob hairstyle has made fans disappointed.

It seems that this short hairstyle does not belong to Krystal, it does not make her face look youthful but even older. This haircut is also considered to make her face look longer.

  1. Yuri

Yuri is a featured face in the music band SNSD, her beauty always makes the opposite person “embarrassing” with glittering eyes and an elegant face. Her fashion and hairstyle is always a trend for young people.

However, changing to short hair with flat bangs made the beautiful girl suddenly become an “older sister”. Yuri is a good example of how choosing an inappropriate short hairstyle will make your face older so much.

  1. Shin Min Ah

Cutting off the sexy long hair, Shin Min Ah also makes the fans disappointed. The short hair makes her face becomes solemn and round, you can not imagine her glamorous face before.

This is not a bad korean short hairstyle, it is very suitable for many girls but it is likely not to be for the actress.

  1. Moon Chae Won

Moon Chae Won, a famous actress owns a radiant beauty which is hardly comparable. She has a rounded but balanced face, with a long wavy hair.

But when choosing the pixie hairstyle, Moon Chae Won made the fans shock because this hairstyle makes her face lose the charm and not attractive.

  1. Kim Min Jung

Kim Min Jung is also one of the stars who look ugly on short hair. With a chin length hair, Kim Min Jung is not a charming girl like before.

Korean short hairstyle is very beautiful but if you do not choose the right hairstyle to suit your face, it will make your beauty go down.

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