Summer comes with many troubles, especially for girls. In addition to skin troubles and health condition, they are very concerned about suitable for hot summer weather. “How to have an interesting summer with a beautiful but comfort hairstyle?” is one of their most popular concern. Perhaps a short haircut can satisfy their wish. Why is that? Here are 5 main reasons to cut your hair short in summer. 

Your natural hair is healthier

Hair experts all agree that short hair is less likely to be associated with dryness, split ends, hair loss and tangle compared to long hair and medium hair. Additionally, there are a lot of evidences showing that cutting your hair short means you can say goodbye to split ends and your natural hair is even stimulated to grow faster.

You can save time and money

Getting a short haircut is really time-saving and money saving. You do not have to get up early everyday and spend too much time combing and styling your hair before going to school or going to work. A few minutes are enough to combing your hair quickly and wear the hair down without having to think of which hairstyle you choose today. Sometimes just after combing your hair with your fingers instead of a comb, you can go out. Consequently, you have a chance to sleep a little bit more every morning. In addition, because short hair is less damaged, you do not have to take care of it too regularly even at home or hair spa.

Moreover, the amount of water, shampoo and conditioner which you need every time you wash your hair is reduced significantly.

Short hair makes you feel cool

Long hair gives you a warm feeling in cold winter but it can make you feel cumbersome in hot summer weather. Girls with long hair surely encounter many difficulties as they always have to find ways to make their hair neater at the nape of your neck by tying up, plaiting or gathering into a bun.

On the contrary, you will feel cool and comfortable with short haircut during summer days, which gives you an opportunity to work and play comfortably all day. So can cutting your hair short be considered as a way to deal with hot weather?

Short hair is easy to be cared and protected

In comparison with short hair, long hair extensions are more likely to be damaged by sunlight, dust and other environmental damages because there is more hair exposed to these damages. When you go out, your short hair is covered by hat or sun protection clothing easily.

You will look younger

It can be said that short hair makes everyone look younger and even more dynamic. Even though long hair extensions are the embodiment of feminineness as well as grace, gentleness and tenderness, it undeniably makes you look more mature. On the other hand, short hair always brings us a feeling of vitality. Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, Marion Cotillard, etc, are some typical examples of those who are rejuvenated by short haircuts.

Are these 5 reasons has given to you convincing? Even do not want to shorten your hair, how about check out some of McSARA hair extensions? We provide many types of hair extensions, such as clip in hair extensions, wigs or machine weft hair extensions and so on. With these hair extensions, having the trendy short styles and still owing your long length is possible. We hope you have a meaningful summer.

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