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Black curly hair has become quite trendy in many countries in recent years. Curly hair consists of many different styles in different lengths (short hair, medium hair, long hair): curly ends, curly locks, wavy curly hair, curly twirly hair, curly spirally hair and so on. Nevertheless, it is more difficult to take care of black curly hairstyle compared to other hairstyles. The following tips will be useful for you to take care of your black curly hair at home instead of having to go to hair salon.


Washing is the most basic step to care for your black curly hair. It helps clear your scalp and your curly hair as well. You are recommended to choose black curly hair shampoo and conditioner which contain moisturizers to balance the natural moisture of the hair, prevent hair problems and keep the hair in curl. However, do not assume that washing hair everyday is good. It is not a scientific way of your hair care journey. According to hair experts, you should shampoo your black curly hair only 2-4 times a week.


Combing black curly hair the right way is a step which must not be missed in the process of hair care. First of all, it is necessary to find out the best suitable combs which are used for black curly hair. Absolutely don’t use combs with thick teeth. Instead, you should comb your black curly hair with a wide-tooth comb to avoid damaging the hair curls. The curlier your black hair is, the wider the teeth of the comb need to be. Besides, never comb your curly hair when it is wet because wet hair is fragile.


To get healthy black curly hair, it is advisable to minimize the use of hair dryers because the heat from the dryers is the main reason for hair breakage and dry hair. Besides, black curly hair is straightened very quickly because of hair dryers’ heat. If you absolutely have to use a hair dryer, try to use it at a medium temperature. With light curly hair and wavy curly hair, only 85% of the hair should be drier. Curly locks must be dried completely but please don’t dry it too long.


During the curling process, your black curly has been exposed to high heat and chemicals. As a result, your hair is prone to tangling, dryness, breakage and split ends. It is therefore necessary to moisture your black curly hair regularly by hair incubation and hot oil treatments. Additionally, you can use hair gel and hair serum to moisture your curly hair.

Apart from the 5 tips above, you should avoid stroking or raking your fingers through your black curly hair, avoid pressing your body on your hair when sleeping, avoid hair flying in the wind, etc. Hope that our information is useful.

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