Many people, including most celebrities, often wear hair extensions to enhance their look and make their hair appear thicker and longer.

The beauty in wearing faux hair is to make hair extensions look natural and blend seamlessly with your natural hair, and there are a few things you can do to achieve this. Here are 4 basic rules.

Get the perfect color match

    A perfect color match is essential in making extensions look natural, even just one shade too dark or too light can make extensions stand out and scream fake hair.

When matching your hair color, always use the ends of your own hair as a guide, as this is where the hair extensions will sit against, not your roots. If you decide to use a completely different color from your natural shade, apply the extensions in sections making them appear like highlights.

Go for 100% human hair

    If you want to make hair extensions look natural, he best type of hair to use is  usually 100% human hair extensions. This means they can be cut to blend in with your own style, and styled in the way you would with normal hair such as curling or straightening.

The upside to 100% human hair is that you can pretty much treat them as you would your natural hair. You can wash them, blow dry and the works. It will also feel like your own hair too which will look much more natural than synthetic hair which often cannot be styled with heat.

You can also get many types of human hair extensions such as straight, curly, wavy. It is important to choose the type that most resembles your hair.

If you have more straight smooth hair, go for the straight extensions. If your hair is naturally curly, go for the curly extensions if you wear your hair curly a lot – they can always be straightened if you need to.

There are also extensions that cater to kinky curly hair where the texture will match perfectly.

Application and technique is key

    If you’re using clip in hair extensions, the right application is an important step in making your hair extensions look natural.

There are different ways to apply hair extensions from sew-ins to glue method to clip ins. Clip-in hair extensions is as of now one of the easier methods to apply hair extensions and can be easily done at home with some practice. The other forms usually require more of an experienced hand and a steeper learning curve to make hair extensions look natural.

Styling to make hair extensions look natural

    Style your hair extensions just like you would with your own hair so that the two match. If you have short layers, you may wish to ask your hairdresser to trim the hair extensions, provided they are 100% human hair extension, and add in layers that match your own hair.

This will instantly make them look more natural as sometimes if you have shorter hair, very long extensions can look a little unnatural.

Hope that some tips above can help you take care of your hair better!

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