Many people, including most celebrities, often wear vietnam hair extensions to enhance their look and make their hair thicker and longer.

Tip 1: Use application and technique effectively

If you are still confused how to make Vietnam hair extensions more natural, guides from the internet is a useful way.


There are different ways to apply Vietnam hair extensions from what you have searched from the internet. Clip-in hair extensions is one of the easier methods to apply hair extensions and easy to do at home. The other forms usually require more of an experienced hand and a steeper learning curve to make hair extensions look natural.

If it is the first time you have applied hair extensions by yourself, there are tons of helpful videos and guides on Youtube and other sites for you. It can take lots of time to master but practice makes perfect. Otherwise, get advices from the experts in case you do not spend time in applications.

An other advice is that you do not have to use all of the pieces in the pack of Vietnam hair extensions, just use what you need. Beside, remember to leave sections of your own hair in between each strip of hair extensions so that your natural hair can get on well with the hair extensions.

Tip 2: Style to make Vietnam hair extensions look natural


Style your Vietnam hair extensions in order to be suitable with your current hair. If you have short layers, please ask your hairdresser to trim the hair extensions. Make sure that hey are 100% human hair extension. Finally, add them in layers which match your own hair.

This will immediately make them look more natural. If you have shorter hair, a very long extension without fixing can look a little unnatural.

With four above tips, it is hoped that you yourself can find different ways to make beauty with the hair extension.

When curling, try blending some of your own Vietnam hair into the extensions so that two parts mix together. This can make them appear seamless and the junction can’t be recognized.

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