Have you ever used the hair extensions, the virgin hair extensions? If you have never used hair extensions or even come across them before, it can all seem very complicated, with a host of options to choose from. Some people think that the virgin hair is from virgins, of course not, please don’t think like that. So to get more information, I want to introduce about the virgin hair, and one of the best virgin hair in the market – Vietnam virgin hair.

So, what is the virgin hair?

The term Virgin hair refers to human hair that is still in its original state, that is before it was chopped off, donated or sold. The hair is so pure that it’s never been permed, colored, bleached or chemically processed in any way. And here are some characteristics of virgin hair:

     – 100% human hair

     – Never been colored, bleached or chemically processed

     – All the cuticle layers intact.

     – All the cuticles  facing the same direction

     – The hair will never hopelessly tangle.

     – Completely natural hair like your natural hair.

     – It’s lifespan is very long, sometimes for a year or more


       So if you can find real Virgin hair, it is the non plus ultra of hair extensions. There is no better product on the market for extensions. Real virgin hair lasts a very, very long time when used as extension hair and if it is cared for properly.

What is Vietnam virgin hair?

And there are many ways to distinguish kinds of the virgin hair, one of the ways is virgin hair extensions from others different countries. Virgin hair can be of any ethnic origin, the best quality extensions used today are Indian hair, Brazilian, Malaysian, Chinese, Peruvian, Russian and Vietnamese hair.

     – Indian hair are preferred by people who want a natural look.  This stunning real Indian hair is thick but it isn’t heavy. It feels light and airy, and naturally straight but will go wavy after a few days of application and even more when washed.

     – Brazilian hair are hard wearing and can withstand the long term effects of heat and water. They are often curly and tropical spiral.

     – Malaysian, Russian and European hair are good choices if you have fine hair. These hair types are light in density and work extremely well with most European hair types.  Malaysian hair extensions do not tend to kink or wave. Russian hair extensions are a huge favorite with European women as it’s such a close match to their light to medium density hair type but they are very rare and expensive.

     – Chinese hair is dry, thick and coarse with species diversity. It is a large proportion in the market but you need careful to buy because they are often processed much and often mixed synthetic.

     – And one of the hair kinds is Vietnam virgin hair :

And nowadays, Vietnam virgin hair is more popular and known more in the world. Many Vietnamese ladies have kept the long and beautiful hair for a long time, they seldom cut hair, colored, or do style but kept their hair when they were children. Especially, some women living in the mountain have a very long hair and they wash hair by natural leaves so their hair are so strong, shining.


       So it demonstrates naturally fascinating characteristics such as strength, softness, smoothness.  The Vietnam virgin hair is often dark, or dark brown, and they are straight or natural wavy. It is so easy to clean, wash, dry it, and you can do style them like curly, color, wavy hair as your own hair because they are so healthy, strong, and totally original. Vietnamese virgin hair has no split ends or any faults, it does not have a dull appearance caused by dryness and this because the cuticles have not been altered. In our company, the only way to obtain the best hair is that we have been cut directly from the donor or person.

      And we have the good sources to have virgin hair from many ladies in Vietnam like Kinh people’s hair and Hmong people’s hair at good price. We test everything we buy ourselves so we know our products perform as well as they should.  And we always keep them so natural, raw, and no chemical added. Our Virgin Hair is very smooth, little coarse and thick but silky texture. So we supply the best Virgin hair at the good price in the hair market.

       Not only do we know we have the best products on the market, we know we have the best prices, hope that you can find the right choice for you with our products here.


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