Vietnam hair extension with the hair cut from Vietnamese woman hair is one product used by a lot of girls. That hair extension is very useful for making your hair thicker and longer. Also there are different products made from Vietnam human hair which is popular and loveable. Let’s see what they are

  1. Vietnamese clip in hair- color black and brown

That hair is selected from top quality 100% Vietnam human hair with a careful and standard process system. The hair product is virgin without bleach, color dye or other harmful chemicals. 

That hair product is long from 12 inches to 40 inches, customers can vary their choice to decide the best suitable hair length themselves. Same length hair can be the unique characteristic of the hair extension made from Vietnam human hair.  It has the standard drawn hair with same length, which can be seen with the naked eye. Without short hair inside, the hair clip is more charming. In fact, when comparing to Euros drawn hair, our Vietnam human hair is thicker at the end. All of the same length hairs are the same length from root to tip to ensure fullness.

Vietnamese clip in hair- color black and brown

  1. Vietnam human hair bulk 20inches straight

Long hair has never been out of fashion all over the time. With a long black hair, you can freely change your style and hair color with your own type you love the most. Vietnam human hair bulk 20 inches straight is one of the bestseller products for girls who love a new look.

The hair bulks are cut off from H’mong young women (living in mountainous area in Vietnam) and Vietnamese H’mong hair is almost in natural wavy; however, has many other styles possibilities as well. Using the Vietnam human hair extension can help you achieve extra volume and glamour you have always dreamed of without taking you much time and then you can easily make any simple ponytail, braid or bun.

Vietnam human hair bulk 20inches straight

  1. Vietnam hair- flat tip body wave brown color

Flat tip hair extension is known as remy hair which is bodywave and dyed brown with a fashionable straight style and color. Having the unique features, the Vietnam human hair extension will be suitable for the girls who want to have a long hair to be permed with natural wavy. Moreover, brown is a beautiful color hair which is never out of fashion. It is the fact that a lot of famous K-pop stars have their hair dyed brown and brown also makes your face brighter.


Vietnam hair- flat tip body wave brown color

Here are some of the most hair products from Vietnam human hair believed and chosen by girls. They can become the indispensable and unrepeatable beauty tool of every woman who loves changing their hair style but still wonder what kind of hair style is suitable for them and highly qualified as well.


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