The influx of bobing curled curls, brightly colors and strong haircuts is a manifestation of the 2017 hair trend of the feminity worldwide.

In the beauty world, hair is one of the fast-changing items of the season. To be the modern girl and lead the trend, let update on the latest 2017 hair trends introduced by US-UK beauties in the first half of 2017.

  1. Platinum – Pinnacle of Platinum hair

Platinum of Katy Perry becomes “trendsetter” for 2017 hair trend

Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne are 2 most prominent names when refering to platinum hair. It is noteworthy that both beauties bring new highlights for 2017 hair trend by upgrading their platinum hair by a grey silver-color short hair, which helps both Katy and Cara become the center of attention in any events. 

  1. Active with high-tied ponytail


Tie your hair neatly into high-tied ponytail, now you are able to ready to conquer the world. Whether it’s curly or straight-forward hairstyle, high-tied ponytail has once again shown its vitality over the seasons and returned as one of 2017’s hair trends. The celebriities is very fond of this hairstyle by its safety, convenience and fashionableness.

  1. Shiny hair like Hadids’ one

It is no exaggeration to call Gigi and Bella Hadid true “trendsetters” not only in the field of fashion but also 2017’s hair trends.

You’ve probably noticed a straight, thin and super-shiny hairstyle in the street style-photos of the two famous supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid. With dark sunglasses, active outfit, sexy body, two new generation girls have made the world’s femininity surprised when they made this familiar straight-forward hairstyle become 2017 hair trend that every stylish girls cannot ignore.

Remember that this style only really works if your hair is healthy and shiny. Therefore, using some hair care products will help you to conquer the hairstyles of the Hadid sisters.

  1. Central parting

Central parting is always picky with many girls. Bangs grows enough up to the eyebrow and hair is naturally curled with large waves on two sides. This hairstyle usually goes with shoulder length curly hair extensions that offers a feminine and dynamic look without turning you into an idot.  

  1. Slightly curly hair

hWith just a few minutes of preparation with your hairdressing equipments at home, you will have a fashionable outlook like Kendal Jenner

It is unnecessary to have sea trips away from home or summer overnight parties, this “messy” slightly curly hair extensions gives girls the “sexy” and “messy” beauty enough to enchant enough to seduce the boys. Styled on straight hair, you just need to use a curling iron at home and do some basic steps, you will have slitghtly curly hair extensions like Kendal Jenner.

  1.  Braided hair

Fish bone, crown or French braids are the ideal choices for many US-UK beauties to perform at the red carpet of major events in 2017. Emily Ratajkowski, Nicole Kidman, and Sara Sampaio has recently been fond of the thinly braided and low-tied hair at the red carpet of Cannes. Hence, romantic braided hair continues to become the 2017 hair trend that the female sex cannot ignore.


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