Hair is indispensible part of everyone. Its status does not only reflect your health but also contributes to enhance your look. It is said that people in different regions have different types of hair. For example, in Asia, women’s hair is usually straight hair while African American hair is black curly hair. Of course, each hair type has its own feature and beauty. Therefore, they also need different hair care routine to be always in the best condition.

It is considered that black curly hair is difficult to manage since it is less moisturized, fragile and delicate. Do you wonder why it is less moisturized? Because of the curvy texture, the natural oils produced by the scalp to soften and protect strands have a harder time traveling from top to bottom. This issue also needs to be cared if you use hair extensions. You should take care of your hair well to be shiny and gorgeous. In this post, some tips to take care of short black curly hair will be introduced. You can apply them to care for your own hair and hair extensions well.

Tip 1: Do not wash your hair too regularly

You may know that straight hair is easy to be greasy. However, black curly hair is not like straight hair. Therefore, it should not to be washed too regularly. Because short black hair is drier than other types, washing too much can dry it out. You should wash your short black curly hair correctly. It is said that once per week is fine.

Tip 2: Do not rub your hair

If you want to dry your wet hair, remember not to rub it because it will cause frizzing. Another way to can apply is to pat and squeeze your hair. You can pat dry with a towel and then use a hair dryer. However, do not use hair dryer in too high temperature. This tip is also very useful for your hair extensions.

Tip 3: Use the right hair gel

If you need a gel to hold your style, be careful to choose the right one. It is very important to use the gel made especially for black curly hair. Otherwise, other gels can dry out hair or leave flakes behind. Remember to choose the products formulated especially for coarser, drier hair.

Tip 4: Avoid heat appliances as much as possible

It is common knowledge that although heat appliances are good at styling your hair, they also damage your hair a lot. Short black curly hair is prone to frizzing; therefore, you should maintain it well.

Every woman around the world wants to have perfect hair, so do girls with short black curly hair. Therefore, consider and apply these tips to care for your hair and be shiny with it. Beside, if you are interested in using hair extensions and want to find a reliable brand, you should choose Beequeenhair – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand. In Beequeenhair, you can find many different types of extensions for different length, from short hair, chin length hair to long hair. With high quality hair products, we are confident to give you the best hair look.

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