Human hair extension is more and more popular, many companies are using marketing terms such as Remy and Virgin without reflecting the reality of their quality.
Ethically collected real human hair is actioned out to highest bidder at the Indian temples or collected from paid donors that are carefully taking care of their prior to collection. That means that the hair has not been bleached or chemical treated and is in its natural state.
Human hair grows average 6 inches each year so it takes about 4 years to reach 24 inches of hair.

In recent years the raw virgin hair price increases significantly. Nowadays, it is very easy to buy real human remy hair in acceptable price. In general, a 24 inch bundle of human hair costs no less than $180 that is truly 100% human virgin hair extensions

Beequeenhair is a trustable supplier for the highest quality in virgin hair extensions“if quality is important to you, it is everything to us”. This is some guides to test the quality of your hair whether it is human hair or not.

Step 1. Smell Test

Your hair should have natural smell when you receive it. If the hair smells like plastic or chemical or even silicon in any way, I sure that is not human hair.


Step 2. Cuticle Test

Hair cuticles are small protein shells on the surface of the hair. Real virgin hair has the cuticles aligned in the same direction from root to end tips (cuticle correct hair or remy hair), meaning that the hair is strapped in a ponytail and collected in a single cut from one donor. By selecting some strands and let the hair run through your thumb and pointer finger you should feel more resistance going up than down. Hair with cuticles in mixed direction is called non-remy hair.


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Step 3. Weight test

You can check if your bundle is the correct weight. A full bundle should weight 100 grams or 3.5 oz. The bundle should be nice and full with not too many short hairs. Natural hair end tips that does not seem to be cut by a scissor.


Step 4. Length Test

The extensions should always be about 1.5 inch longer that your ordered. The texture affect the lengths and hair extension lengths are always stated in straight condition. If you have bought i.e body wave extensions you will need to stretch the hair out to measure the lengths.


Step 5. Shed Test

By running your fingers through the hair you will see if the hair is shedding. Please a white paper below the hair when testing. The extensions could have some natural shedding just when you open the package, but the hair should not shed after doing this test.


Step 6. Curl Test

Hair extensions made from synthetic hair do not last as long and are very sensitive to temperature such as sun exposure. They are very difficult to style as you cannot use heat on them such as straighteners and curling irons and cannot be colored. They are also known to blend badly with natural hair. It is clear that there are many disadvantages to synthetic hair extensions.


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Step 7. Straight test

Just like the hair should curl nicely, the hair should also be easy to straighten. Use the human hair to test if the hair straightens well.


Step 8. Wash Test

100% remy hair extensions are totally chemical free. Putting your extension in clean water without color or chemical treatments should come out of the hair. The water should be a clean as the beginning when you placed the hair in the water.


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Step 9. Bleach Test

100% virgin hair should bleach beautifully and still feel soft and silky. Bad quality extensions will turn dry and tangle after bleach. You can color, bleach, and ombre virgin hair extensions into any style your prefer.


Step 10. Burn Test


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