Maintaining your beautiful hair is quite easy with the 6 steps. Main component of hair isprotein, so keeping a healthy diet and good hygiene is a key to maintain a strong hair. At the same time, here are some other tips about hair care:

1/ Normally, people lose 100 to 120 strands of hair each day so don’t worry if you see a small bunch crawling falls down to the floor

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2/ Hair is fragile and prone to breakage, so keep a comb and run it from the roots to the ends of your hair as gently as possible

3/ Every few weeks, your hair gets rid of those brown and rough split ends. A solution is cutting about 1/4th an inch of the hair extensions .  every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid the split ends and strands of hair will grow again.

 Remy hair extensions

4/ You don’t need to wash the hair everyday, whenever you do, add some conditioner on the ends. Brand of shampoo and conditioner should be the same.

5/ Rinse the conditioner off by cold water because it is good for both growth and shine.

6/ If you’ve got dry hair then don’t dye it. However, if you still want that gorgeous shade of brown, especially in the winter then follow a advice shared on the blog Free People. Mix honey, chamomile tea or lemon as they work as great hair lighteners. You can add some lemon juice to water and spray it from root to the end when you’re heading out. You can rinse your hair by brewed chamomile tea after washing with shampoo or adding some honey to the water that you use to wash your remy hair extensions .

Remy hair extensions

Follow above some basic tips, we hope that it is useful for you.

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