Autumn has come with high blue sky, with light sunshine days, with the sweet fragrance of milk flowers and with the roads flooded with yellow leaves. This is also the time for student to go back to school after the summer break. Although the opening ceremony of the 2018-2019 school year was held just 4 days ago, not all school girls are psychologically ready to enter a new school year. Some of them are even wondering what hairstyle is suitable. Understanding their psychology, we are going to give a few suggestions which may be helpful.

It can be said that short straight bob hairstyle is a familiar hairstyle which was even associated with many girls when they were kids. This chin length hairstyle is quite easy to be taken care of because it takes a little time to brush, wash, condition or style short hair. Besides, it puts no obstacle in daily activities (working, playing, studying, etc.) and gives a comfortable and cool feeling to you. Short straight bob hair also brings you a feeling of youthfulness as well as activeness. Because of these advantages, short straight bob hairstyle is never out of trend.

Short straight bob hair with bangs

Short straight bob hair with bangs can be considered as a powerful hairstyle which makes you look younger. The proof is that this hairstyle has appeared in many dramas, it plays a very important role in helping the actress of those dramas to hack their age so that their appearances fit the characters in the dramas who are still students. The most suitable hair color for short straight bob hair is black as it reveals a natural and pure beauty.

You can accompany short black hair with both blunt bangs and see through bangs.

Many years ago, short hair with blunt bangs was tied in with Goo Hye Sun in “Boys Over Flowers”:

Last year, Suzy conquered fans with beautiful short bob hair with see through bangs in a SBS drama named “While you were sleeping”:

Obviously, any one surely looks young and cute in short straight bob hair with bangs. This is what every school girl wants, right?

Short straight bob hair without bangs

In comparison to school girls with short straight bob hair with bangs, those with short straight bob hairstyle seem to look a little bit more mature. However, it can not be denied that short hair without bangs makes you cooler, more dynamic, modern and fashionable. Without bangs, your face looks brighter and slimmer. With this hairstyle, you can try many different kinds of parting such as center parting, side parting, deep side parting and slightly off-center parting to find out the one that suits you most. One plus point of short hair without bangs is that it can match well with different face shapes.

In short, while short straight bob hair with bangs gives you a lovely look, the one without bangs creates a gentle and charming beauty for you. Both of them are must-try back to school hairstyles. Coming to our company – Beequeenhair a reputable hair extension brand, you will be consulted by the enthusiastic staff to get the best short straight bob hair extensions, whether they are Vietnam remy hair extensions or Remy ones. We are always here to help you to have a gorgeous look by our high quality products.

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