Winter is usually a nightmare for your soft smooth hair. Drying air makes your hair more susceptible to break, split and become much rougher. So taking care of your hair in the winter is exactly what everyone needs to know.

Here are some tips to keep your hair beautiful and smooth even in dry winter days.

Using hair cream

The chemicals what you use to dye, bleach or wiggle or hair dryer makes your hair become very dry, especially in the winter. To solve this problem, you need to moisturize the hair from the root to the tip. And one of the best ways to moisturize the hair is to use hair cream. Or you can use almond oil or olive oil as a moisturizer because they also provide the hair with enough moist.

After shampooing your hair for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water, you will have a smooth hair in spite of the cold weather.

Protect hair in cold weather

Caps not only help you look more fashionable and moisturize your hair, they also protect your hair and scalp from low temperature, helping you keep your body warm, avoiding headaches.

Let your hair dry naturally

After shampooing, it is advisable to let your hair dry naturally, rather than using the dryer, as the excessive heat of the dryer will dry your hair. Also, you should not brush your hair when your hair is still wet because the hair is easy to break

If your hair is long, you can use the dryer in cooler mode. You do not want to dry your hair and shampoo because it will cause the temperature of the hair to change suddenly, causing hardening. At the same time, you should keep the machine away from the hair about 15-20cm.

Avoid dandruff

In winter, hair often a lot of scaly dead skin, so dandruff scaly appears more. Dandruff not only causes aesthetic but also makes you itchy and uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to use radical dandruff treatment to prevent dandruff

Do long braid hair

Braid hair will not get tangled, while it can give you a very youthful appearance. So if your hair is long, you can apply this way. However, do not tuck your hair too tightly because it causes the scalp to stretch, causing pain.

Winter is coming so you should have careful preparation for taking care of your hair avoids the severe weather condition. One of the interesting methods helping you protect your real human hair is to use hair extensions. Hair extensions can be the helpful “outside cap” to protect your real hair from dust, cold weather, sunlight,…which can be the direct factor badly influencing your human hair. Moreover, hair extensions can become the most beautiful hair accessory when you make change on them. You can dye your favorite hair color, you can curl, bleach or straighten your hair without the fearing of damaging your real hair. Actually, Beequeenhair Company is considered pioneer to provide clients high quality hair extensions from long hair to short hair so if you have chance, let’s come and enjoy us.


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