8 inch straight weave hair extensions

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Length: 8 inches
Weight: 100 grams per each bundle
Origin: Vietnam remy hair 100%
Color: black, brown, blonde…
Hair standards: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair
Textures: straight, curly, wavy

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What is 8 inch straight weave hair?

Hair extensions is no longer a new term to many people all around the world. Since it is invented, women use it to make their hair look more voluminous and longer.

However, not everyone knows well enough about hair extensions so they will get the best hair products. Today, let Beequeenhair introduce one of the best hair for you.

It is called 8 inch straight weave hair extensions!

What is 8 inch straight weave hair extensions?

Beequeenhair is one of the new brands working on hair products for several years. 8 inches weave hair is one of the outstanding hair extensions of the company.

8 inch straight weave hair extension

The hair is made of 100% Vietnam remy hair which is not only smooth, soothing, emollient but also very cheap. Although it is in high quality and attractive, it is very affordable that everyone can own one for themselves. The price is a great advantage in competition with other brands.

Weave hair is weft by machines in one line. Since we use machines to do that, the quality of the products is more equal and resembling. You will see that our hair has no tangles or shedding because it is carefully made.

Weave hair extensions is really versaltile as you can use it to make other types of hair extensions. It is one of the most popular hair extensions alongside with bulk hair. You can apply weave hair directly to your real hair without little struggle and hair damage.

If you want to make it easier to use the hair, you can use weave hair to make clip in hair extensions by attaching some clips into it.

If you want to find out more about our hair extensions, read the following details of the products.

Related hair extensions to 8 inch straight weave hair?

Alongside with 8 inches weave hair extensions, Beequeen hair also has many types of hair that you should know about.

Bulk hair is the simplest hair which is tied with elastics. This is one of the hair products that we sell in big quantity. It is used to make other types of hair extensions depending on customers’ purposes.

Some of the hair extensions are tape hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, tip hair extensions and so on.

Besides, there are wigs, frontal and closures in our stock that you can take into consideration.

Beequeenhair is one of the growing brands which gain a lot of customers’ trust. We are continuing to give you the best hair in the future, so don’t go anywhere, because we are here for you!

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