24 inches flat tip straight hair black color

Price: List

  1. Type: Flat tip hair extensions
  2. Texture: Straight hair
  3. Special: No tangle No shed, pure clean raw hair
  4. Length: 24 inches
  5. Color: Black color
  6. Min order: 200 grams
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24 inch flat-tip hair extensions black color are client number one decisions with regards to extend their hair to better looks. flat-tip hair has origin from 100% human hair. With our goal as bringing the most friendly products that harmless to our customers, these hair are 100% Vietnam remy hair. As its own particular excellent, flat-tip hairs have full cuties that lying in a similar line direction. These influence the hair to will never be tangled or shedding. 

Flat-tip hair extensions of Beequeenhair are on top lists of beauty items for women who earn to have longer wonderful hair. These hair extensions are made by keratin tip as its other name, Keratin hair extensions. By putting this flat-tip hair extensions to your real hair, your hair look will change over to another charming length in a shorter way. They can stick for long time and remain immovably with your hair. Having countless opportunities to wear on with an excellent enchanting hair look will be easier by using our hair extensions.

By wearing our flat-tip hair extensions, you can get on diversity of magnificent hair looks. You can style your hair in any length looks of your dream and up ’til now still build up your natural hair to grow out. The flat-tip hair extensions are easily to styles and colored or even available in any shade as you require. This is one of your best choices of changing your appearance in few seconds and being with the more attractive engaging hair appearances.

0/5 (0 Reviews)