12 inch curly weave hairstyles extensions

Price: List

Length: 12 inches
Weight: 100 grams per each bundle
Origin: Vietnam remy hair 100%
Color: black
Hair standards: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair
Textures:  curly

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12 inch curly weave hairstyles

As the living standard of people is increasingly improved, the need to be beautiful becomes to more important to many people. Instead of thinking about the basic wants such as food and wearing, we start to find the things to better our appearance. Hair is one of the essential factors.

12 inch curly weave hairstyles are the solution for women who love curly hair when it comes to hair extensions. Although there have been many types of products in offer for you, curly hair is the favorite choice for many people.

How 12 inch curly weave hairstyles become the choice of short hair sisters?

12 inch curly weave hairstyles

You probably know that 12 inch weave hair is not very long compared to 20 inches to other sizes of the hair. If it is straight hair, it can be a little bit longer than shoulder-length hair or the same. However, when it comes to curly hair, those coils make the hair shorter and seem to be thicker.

Thanks to that reason, curly hair becomes the choice for those who have thin and short hair. It adds to the volume of your real hair and improves how it looks, thus, you might appear to be stronger, healthier and more attractive.

For people who have natural curly hair, this hairstyle is indispensable. Instead of styling your hair, you can choose this weave hair and apply it. Some people might claim that long curly is better than short one. In fact, short hair has its own upsides such as:

– It is easier to take care of short hair than long curly hair.
– Short hair gives you a dynamic look and comfortable for outdoor activities.
– And of course, short weave hairstyle is also much cheaper than lengthy hair.
– In the past, only African women have natural curly hair and now when hair technology is developed, anyone in this world can own this hairstyle. Accept for going to the salons as in tradition, you now have more options as hair extensions. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about missing the best part of a curly girl.

How to apply 12 inch curly weave hairstyles?

Let’s transform your hairstyle for a brand new look

Buying hair extensions is easy while the process of using them is another story. A lot of people struggle with them and cannot apply it properly. Some going to the hair salons for support and some use this two methods. You can also consider these suggestions.

First of all, ask a friend to help you with this sew-in hair extensions. For this method, you have to make a braiding line in your hair, then sew the top margin of weave hair into that braid. This process need to be done very carefully so that you won’t get hurt and your hair is not damaged.

Second of all, you can simply attach some clips into the weave hair in order for convenient application. This seems much easier compared to the first choice, right?

12 inch curly weave hairstyles seem not as appealing as those lengthy hairstyles. Nevertheless, there are also many people who love short hair, so this is the optimal choice for them. Life is short, why don’t you just change your hairstyle just once?

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