Beequeenhair Import-Export Joint Stock Company Established in 2013.

Our company is a big hair extension supplier from Vietnam. Our desire is to supply the highest-quality natural hair to international markets.

After many years of hard working, we have become a valuable brand and we guarantee to bring customers excellent products and services in the shortest time.

Our Concern

Vietnamese people consider hair to be one of the most important part in human’s body. We believe that hair can say a lot about a person, therefore we always care about our hair. And we start wondering about how other people take care of their hair. This concern leads us to the hair extension business .

So you are having some hair problems? You need to change your hairstyle for some special occasions? You find it too difficult to look for quick and effective methods for a new hair change? Anytime, we are trying our best to provide you hair extensions with the best quality. By the end of 2018, our commitment to supplying you the most outstanding Vietnamese hair has turned us into one of the biggest hair companies in the field of exporting hair to the international market.

Our Commitment

Based on the working principle: “Prestige is more precious than gold”, we try to bring you the best services.

What do we mean by “the best services” here? It is not just the most beautiful hair extensions we are producing and exporting. It’s your satisfaction, confidence when you receive and use Beequeenhair’s products.

Our most important mission is to help women find their gorgeous hairstyles, which makes them more confident and happier in their daily life.

Customers deserve the best things

Our development depends much on the success of providing the best things of our products to the customers. To reply to your precious belief, we strongly focus on the quality of each product we are supplying. All the hairs used to make any of Beequeenhair’s products are 100% Vietnamese Remy hair.

Never worry about hair textures, hair colors or hair lengths. We have many options for you in our stock. Normally, we are exporting hair with the length varying from 6 inches to 32 inches. However, a 40- inch clip in hair extensions can completely be sent to you if you require it. Similarly, besides some basic hair colors such as black, dark brown, light brown or blonde, we are going to dye your favorite color if you tell us in advance. All our efforts are to help you to be yourself with the most satisfied hairstyle.

Our success

We are always here to receive all your feedback and comments for our hair products.

Customer’s appreciation is one of the most wonderful motivations for us to keep on working and improving our hair quality as well as other company’s services.

Being your companion on the way to pursue the most perfect hairstyle, it is not just our happiness, it is a big success in our development.

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