In fact many people think that human hair extension’s price is so expensive. Therefore, they will choose to use synthetic extension hair instead of human hair extension. Today we will help you understand more clearly about the real cost of human hair extension, and we think it will help you change your mind!

We know what many think, hair extensions cost a lot, thousands! False! Most have a preconceived notion that human hair extensions are either cheap and look fake or are extremely expensive and costs thousands. The good news is that, there is a middle ground when it comes to hair extensions, affordable hair extensions that look good and last. And no, we are not talking about temporary tape hair extensions, we are talking about hair extensions that you can workout with, have blown out, wear up in a ponytail! There is a new method out there that is semi-permanent, non-damaging, and affordable. Hair extensions are life changing, they add volume, length, and give you fuller hair an instant. Most women want to try hair extensions at least once, and some can’t live without them. If you have short of fine hair, you may really want hair extensions. For some, having fuller and longer hair is something they have always wanted and they will get it at any cost. But how much do hair extensions costs? Hair extensions pricing will vary by the quality of hair, type of hair extension method, and where you have them applied.

When considering the cost of hair extensions, you need to determine what type of hair you will purchase. When deciding on which quality of hair extensions to purchase, you first want to decide what kind of hair will work best for you and your budget.

Non-Remy: Cheap, usually from the floor, low quality hair

Synthetic: Cheap, fake hair.

Virgin Cuticle Hair: Highest quality hair available.

Remy Human Hair, Cuticle Intact: Highest quality remy human hair.

 Remy Human Hair: Medium quality, remy human hair.

Types of Hair Extensions Available

There are so many different methods of extensions out there, how do you know which one is best for you? You must consider the cost of hair, the application costs, and the maintenance costs.  If you are considering the cost of hair extensions alone, there is one method that beats all methods. The truth is that tape in extensions are the most cost effective method around as the hair is less expensive, the hair is reusable and there is little maintenance. They take less than an hour to apply, so the service fee to get them applied is significantly lower, and the maintenance fees are low as they last 8-12 weeks. Tape hair extensions are affordable and because the hair is reusable, making them the best choice of hair extensions-not to mention they are least damaging.

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