Shoulder-length short hair is a hairstyle never out-of-fashion, especially shoulder-length wavy hair because this hairstyle is suitable for most kinds of faces from the oval face, round face to the long face, even angled face. In addition, it also suits the various situations and this article will show you several shoulder-length wavy hairstyles for the office workers.

Most people believe that the centre parting is the hairstyle of the 90s, however, just a little variation like a bit wavy from the ear down or a bit wavy from the top of the head. By styling this way, you will have new and modern shoulder-length wavy hair with centre parting.

The hair that is wavy from the top of the head in the vintage trend is considered the immortal hairstyle of all time and is the perfect choice for the trendy and feminine girl. With this beautiful hairstyle, you can combine with the straight parting or style long hair or make variation with 7/3 style to create your own impression.

Shoulder-length wavy hair with crooked hair ends and see-through bangs is the hairstyle very popular among Korean girls or women, since it is very attractive to people around. This is a slightly wavy hairstyle and the hair ends is crooked and curved outward. However, girls who own round face and square face should not try this hairstyle because it reveals defects of the face.

Shoulder-length wavy hair dyed at the hair ends is suitable for girls under 25 or those who like to “change style”. If you have dark hair, you should dye light color for the hair ends, but if you have light hair color, you should choose darker color for the hair to make an impression.

Or you can break the style for your beautiful shoulder-length wavy hair by twisting it, this hairstyle is not difficult to make and you can do it yourself at home, just bending curls slight wavy, then grabing 2 curls in the front of the head, twisting them and then tieing them in the middle. You can use the same colored hair bands or other types of hairclips to create your own charm.

Shoulder-length wavy hairstyles have their own beauty to help girls shine in very different ways. These hairstyles bring girls or women not only activeness, confidence but also youthfulness. With the hairstyles that we just shared above, hope that you will choose the right hairstyle to help you always shine and attract people around you. Let consider the hairstyles mentioned above to change style and become more beautiful and charmful. Wish you have the beautiful wavy hair as you expected!

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