The femininity tends to pay too much attention to the face and ignores the part that makes up that beauty – the hair. With the following hair care tips, your hair will become softer and smoother than ever.

 Surely the female sex cannot forget the feeling of surprise when watching the before-and-after photos of the girls when they change their hair. If you have not had a chance to contemplate, then hereby is one of them.

Now, can you believe the statement of our grandparents which is “the teeth and the hair are the human corner”? The beauty of the face depends much on the beauty of the hair. A damaged hair not only makes it ugly but also makes your image less beautiful. That is reason why young women need to start paying more attention to their hair and learn how to make hair beautiful right from today. The following seven hair care tips are simple beauty tips that we often do wrong or even do not know. Saving and performing these tips gradually, you will be surprised at the change of Vietnamese hair as well as your appearance!

  1. Know how to “pamper” hair root

Split ends when not caring for hair roots

If you do not own a dry hair, you do no need to care too much about the hair. Usually, natural hair root produces a lot of oil to nourish itself, so it is unnessary to use a lot of oil for it. It is better to apply conditioner on three-fourth of the length of the hair at the hair roots.

  1. Tips for clipping hair not slipped

The femininitty often get troubles with new-growing hair strands and even trouble sometimes doubles when hair grips does not take their effect. To keep the hair grips stand still, spraying dry shampoo on them before you use it. And they will obediently obey you right away.

  1. Using a silk fabric pillow

Most of us usually use cotton pillow but in fact the benefits that it brings in are lag-behinded the silk pillow. Silky pillow can reduce headache, reduce the risk of split ends, and similar to cottion one, it also removes moisture of hair. With the above reasons, it will be a great option for us to change immediately to use this kind of smooth pillow.

  1. Large-tooth comb is better

 Many girls have a habit of combing hair right after washing. This is considered a counter-scientific way since combing hair while it is still wet may cause ability of hair loss to rise up to 2 times. Of course there are times when we have to go out and nobody wants to appear in the form of a “ugly duck”. Tip for you at this time is to use large-tooth comb to brush hair.

  1. For days you are lazy to wash hair, mist sprayer will be the best choice

Obviously any girls also have days on which they are lazy to shampoo even hair is very dirty. Do not be embarrassed, tips for hair care now is a mist sprayer. This is a very special friend with a girl with days she do not want to wash hair. Instead of shampooing, applying a little spray on your hair and fix your hair when you have just waked up . The bangs may be upside down when you wake up and you just need to spray a little water on bangs then use a brush to dry.

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