When it comes to hair extensions, people can think about the variety styles they can do with their hair without worrying about how often you they straighten the extensions, use color and bleach or blow-dried. Most women need and deserve the best quality extensions for the harsh day-to-day activities they to do their hair. People choose Vietnamese hair for their extensions because there is nothing can compare to the strength and elasticity of Vietnamese hair extensions. The foundation of the hair – Viet Nam, where women expose to very little chemicals so their Vietnamese hair retains a stronger kind of elasticity and strength. Also, Vietnamese hair extensions are also known to be quite thick in texture, yet lightweight when installed. With all of those qualities, you can get into the different styles you wish to achieve. Here are some suggestions of most favorite styles with Vietnamsese hair extensions.

  1. Curls and Waves

The most beautiful and essential look you can always hope to achieve with these extensions is its ability to hold in a curl pattern when heat or rollers are involved.

Everyone loves the fullness that curls and waves can bring to a look, but one of the leading issues is when the coils begin to fall, you lose the full look you were striving to obtain. With Vietnamese hair, you won’t have those problems. Curls placed in these extensions can last up to a whole day without giving off that end-of-the-day hair appearance.

2.    Half up-Half down

This look gives a full and thick appearance of your hair. It’s a deception tactic to make it seem as if your hair is longer than it is with our Vietnamese hair extension. You can achieve this look with straight hair, or you can be a little more daring and add the curls to it. Choose to add bangs, or you can pull all of the hair back into the ponytail to give more emphasis on the long hair flowing down your back.

  1. Sleek Ponytail

This style is another where you can either add curls or stick with the extensions’ natural texture. The sleek black ponytail adds a sense of sophistication and glamour at the same time, while still giving you a look that appears full and thick. Because of how Vietnamese hair is, you won’t have to use much if any product at all to achieve the sleek ponytail since the hair is already lustrous and silky textured.

  1. Messy Ponytail

This look is a little more fun to play around with and do. You don’t have to do much, and it will still look amazing. It would probably be best to do this with older curls on a day you’re feeling too lazy to make the curls new again. Slide those curls into a long ponytail and watch how often you’ll want to do it after only one time. Nobody has to know that you didn’t feel like doing your hair today.

With Vietnamese hair extensions, you can do your hair up with any styles you want from curly to straight hair. BeeQueenHair extensions brands which have the sources of Vietnam human hair, are used and suggested by a large number of users. Our products can help for people to get the best effects from applying shiny and beautiful hair extensions for enhancing and transforming their hair look.

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