Have you ever struggled with your natural curly or wavy hair that you cant find a great-to-go hairstyle for yourself? You might feel discouraged every morning afer you wake up and look at your hair in fornt of the mirror. However, today, we got you. In this post, we are going to show you several amazing hairstyles that can manage and rock your culrs.

Twisted Curls Hairstyle

This hairstyle appears to be quite simple but once you pull it off it will look amazing on you with fabulous curls and waves Vietnamese hair. The twists will keep the unruly curls out of your face, tame the fly-aways and make you look incredible. It is simple, easy to make and super quick at the same time. Now let’s have a look at steps to create this hairstyle:


Take a generous portion of your hair on one side of your head, twist it inwards to the middle of your crown. If you want to leave a bit hair in front of your face, along your face frame then it is time to do it. Continue twisting your hair until you reach the back of your head.


Use bobby pins or a small hair clip to secure two twists together. Remember to pin with the wavy side down and criss-cross them for a better look.



Repeat the exact same step on the other side. Twist the hair until it reaches the back of your head and secure it under the first twist. And that’s all what you have to do, now you are good to go with gorgeous curls tamed nicely with two twists on the side.

Cute and Easy Updo For Curly Hair

This hairstyle will take you a bit more time than the first one. Also, this is perfect for the day you want to tame your curls, hide the bad hair day but it looks elegant and feminine. It is a choice to go for in special occasion at the same time.


Basically, this hairstyle consists of a bunch of mini buns. Start by sectioning your hair above your crown and make the first bun.

STEP 2: 

Twist this part in a nice bun and secure it with bobby pins.


Part your hair about 2 inches below the first part, and create another bun.


Continuing to make more buns if you have more hair which depends on your hair length and thickness. Reapeat the exact steps until you gather all the hair in buns. In general it will look like the model in the picture. She has quite thick hair so she owns three big buns at the back. These buns should be in a line from the top the above your neck area. The key is to firmly secure these bun with a lot of bobby pins because you don’t want to clean and fix a mess after several hours.


It is optional to use some hairspray to set the hairstyle and baby hair, crazy curls in place. It might seems a bit complicated in the beginning but it is super easy once you know how to make it. Good luck, ladies!

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