Hair extension, this phrase is no longer strange to the girls often wearing hair accessories to make them more charming and attractive. Using hair extension products can change the look a lot, like a magic, they can lengthen your hair or make it thicker within minutes. It’s very convenient for girls who want to look different by changing hair style every day. Because the popularity of using hair extension, there are more and more hair products provided and sold with a variety of forms and quality. One of the bestseller with appealing form and high quality is clip in 24 inch virgin hair extension. Our company, Beequeen Hair, one of the top Vietnam hair extensions manufacturers & exporters of Vietnam will provide customers this qualified product with the hope of bringing the beauty to make women more gorgeous in men’s eyes.

            The material of this product is from 100% virgin human hair of Vietnamese and it has unique features of Vietnam hair which is loved by almost people. First, the hair is natural and unprocessed. You can see its nature with your naked eyes. Moreover, the hair extension is soft and shining as if it’s the real human hair so when you wear it, it’s impossible to distinguish it with your real hair if they’re in same color. Touching the hair, you can have comfortable feeling. This hair clip is straight; one of traditional Vietnam hair styles of so using it can bring the feeling of being simple but still attractive. If you want to change it, you can use hair styling tools to make the wavy or curly hair easily. Next, although the hair is unprocessed, lice, nits or other harmful insects are not in the hair because it is persevered and taken care carefully. In term of its appearance, even though it’s cut from human hair, there’s no short hair inside and the thickness is equal from the top to the bottom. It’s the fact that some of hair products still have short hair inside so sometimes users have difficulty to deal with that problem and take their time or even money a lot to solve. Understanding that issue, Vietnam hair extension products from Beequeen hair are carefully chosen in order to meet clients’ demand.

Black and red hair clips

The length of that Vietnamese hair clip is from 10 inches up to 40 inches, which is ideal for every girl who wants their hair to be thicker or longer then can choose the suitable ones. Black and red are 2 main colors of the hair clip. With black, the tradition Vietnam hair color may be the best choice for girls who want to have a simple and gentle look. Or the original black color can be the favorable basic color to apply other colors on it. The second best choice is red, a color of passion and heartiness. Also red color can make your face look brighter if you have fair skin.

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