Extensions come in all hues and surfaces, spanning from blonde to red and stick straight to curly. That influences you wonder in picking. Try not to be confounded. Here are a few hints that’ll help you to pick the correct extension for your Vietnam hair. The inquiries beneath will help you choose the right extension that you need.

What questions do you need to answer ?

1. What kind of extensions do you use?

Hair extensions include two types: synthetic hair and human hair. There are significant different points between them. Each type has some advantage and disadvantage. Be aware of your demand, finance and time, you can have the best choice for you. However, you should remember how much money you pay for your hair extensions will decide the quality of your extensions.


– Clip-in (around 200 gram for a full head): Clip-in hair extensions are easy  to achieving longer and fuller hair,  no damage to your hair and with no long-term bonding. They can be perfectly matched with your own hair to create length, emphasize weight, and highlights to your natural hair. They are  fastest and most affordable way to transform the look of your hair without breaking your natural hair.

– Tape (around 200-300 gram for a full head): This type of extension is invisibility and lightweight. The hair extension is sandwiched between two pieces of bioadhesive tape and lasts for eight to ten weeks. It’s very easy to use.  But while wearing them, You have to use shampoo with a sulfate-free formula and refrain from applying conditioner to your hair.

– Keratin (around 150- 200 gram  for a full head):  This type of extension is the smartest choose for girl who workout often, swim, gym, yoga … Because they can withstand salt water and chlorine, and the look is the most seamless.

2. Where do you buy the Vietnam hair from?

Vietnam, China and India are the most common places. If you’re brunette or want to add volume, Indian hair is your best bet. If you’re blonde or have finer hair, Vietnamese hair is a better fit.

3. What is Remy Hair & Why it is Important for Human Hair Extensions?

Remy hair is a process in which The cuticle running in the same direction, so hair is softer, Smoother and less frizzy.

  4. What hair color is right for you?

If you want restraint in your colored hair extensions is that you should go for lowlights instead of the highlights. If you have dark or brown hair, you should choose auburn’s and maroons. And if you have light brown to blond hair, you should choose the caramels and honeys. You have to observe the basic rules in contrast and complement in determining the colored hair extensions that match your skin tone and your hair.This is the most important thing.

The questions above will help you choose the right extension that you need. If you still not sure what kind of Vietnam hair  should you choose and whether or not will it match your skin tone? What about the amount of hair to use?

Don’t worry. BeequeenHair will help you.

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