Is it true, do blondes hairs have more fun? Well, I can’t tell you from experience.

But I can walk you through some iconic blonde hair looks by some even more iconic celebrities. Lightening up your hair color can do so much for your overall look. This style can illuminate your eyes and act as a beautiful contrast against your skin.

Whether you want more of a honey tone shade or something bolder like platinum we have proof that these hairstyles will never go out of style. There are so many influencers and stars that come to mind when you hear the word blonde. I like to believe establishing a signature hairdo will do wonders for your image.

If you take the time to google Blonde hairstyles, you will see hundreds of thousands of search images pull up all who do not look the same. Now you are left with plenty of options, but not where to start. It’s safe to say that going blonde is one of the most versatile choices that you can make. But the bigger question is with all the hairstyles out which one does one choose?

Well, let us take you on a journey of our top timeless hair looks we all loved.

Rita Ora

Barrel Curl Blonde

Rita Ora is always rocking blonde hair and although she tries many different styles nothing can compare to her barrel curl look.

Voluminous curls are perfect for any woman who wants to add dimension to their face, and boy does it look stunning on this singer/actress. Rita Ora is always teaching the message of having a signature look. We all know her for her bottled blonde hair and vibrant red lipstick.

Recently Rita decides to take a break from the lighter shades and go for a fiery red color. We almost didn’t recognize her when she first posted the look on Instagram.

Although the change was short-lived, It shows us all that once you have a signature color it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with something new. We are all super excited to see her back to her blonde tresses looking fabulous as ever.

You can find her rocking her curls in a wet and wavy sexy look. We can’t wait to see all the many hairs looks she decides to give us as time presents itself. Rita thank you for showing us that blondes do have more fun.

Zoe Kravitz

Blonde Braids

Zoe Kravitz is one celebrity that we all can’t get enough of, from her beautiful parents (Lenny Kravitz & Lisa Bonet) to her acting in blockbuster movies such as Divergent.

This singer/actress is such a trendsetter, and her latest look is one for the timeless books! We never would think in a million years that micro platinum blonde braids would even be a thing, but thanks to Zoe I’m dying to try them soon.

She also goes an extra mile and shaves the side of her head to spice the look up a bit more. We honestly need more celebrities out there who aren’t afraid to experiment with their hairdo on the regular. Unfortunately, the blonde hair was a little too much for Zoe and did not want to risk the chance of damaging her natural curls.

The style wasn’t too short-lived, but for the most part, she is back to rocking her dark and lovely hair color. Of course, we miss the blonde micro braids, but we know that it will not be this way for long, and we can expect to see Zoe rocking them sometime in the future.

Until then thank you so much for all the inspiration Zoe you are genuinely a blonde sensation!

Are You Going Blonde Anytime Soon?

It seems like blonde hair is going to stick around for centuries to come.

If there are trendsetters around there will be someone daring enough to pull off all these looks. Remember that whenever you make the dramatic switch to blonde hair, you will have to deal with the significant upkeep.

Make sure that you are conditioning your hair correctly, taking regular salon visits, and trying safe measures to touch up your roots.

When it comes down to the wire, you could invest in a lace front wig or extensions. These precautions can accomplish the style without damaging your natural curls. We hope that these celebs give you an extra boost of confidence when it comes down to trying any new hairstyle.

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Are you thinking about going blonde anytime soon? If so we want to know which style you’re aiming to get. Let us know in the comments down below?

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