Hair extension is an essential accessory for most and it, therefore, makes sense to maintain it to the best of your ability. With the proper attention that doesn’t cause stress or harm it is possible to enjoy the light, flowing hair that gives the look and shine that you want. Here are continuing tips for the black hair.

Wash the black hair

Normally, you should wash your hair 2-3 times every week. You should choose the shampoo that suitable with your hair. But when you wash the hair each day; your hair will strip it of its moisture. That makes your hair become dry and brittle than. If you don’t find the suitable for your hair, you should use the shampoo and conditioner with low PH concentration. Or you can mix 50% water with 50% shampoo to wash the hair.

Coconut oil:

You should keep moisturizing the ends for your hair. You can use a moisturizing serum, or you can use the natural oil, such as coconut oil, castor oil, or olive oil, to apply in your hair after the hair dry. This will prevent your hair from getting dry, snagging on things, and breaking. It will also help prevent split or damaged in the ends also.

Keratin Treatment

If you still want to use the styling gels and tools, then you can buy the treatment for a keratin. It helps restore your hair’s lost keratin and maintains your dark natural hair color. And it definitely keeps your hair strong and soft as well.

Black Hair Maintenance Pack

If you don’t like hair color, obviously, that you would prefer natural tips for black hair maintenance too. In this pack, you can achieve the positive results that maintain the black color while adding shine to your hair.

Hot oil massage for hair

You can carry out a hot oil massage with either of coconut oil, almond oil or argan oil. All of these oils contribute towards the maintenance of the black color for your hair absolutely. Besides, you could also use eucalyptus oil; add a few drops of it to the warmed up oil and apply it on the scalp with light circular motions. It helps to grow and maintain thick hair. This is the first and foremost of all the tips for black hair.

Silk pillows for hair

Switching the pillowcase to satin can have plenty of benefits. By replacing the cotton pillow it is not only possible to benefit the hair but also your skin. A cotton pillow can cause split ends or similar hair breakage as well as removing moisture from the skin. Other benefits of switching to satin or silk are the more luxurious feel, healthier eyelashes and smoother skin.

BEEQUEENHAIR with several fabulous black hairs, natural hair that is cut from one donor in Vietnam, with virgin hair extension, its original hair from Vietnamese hair, you can actually bleach it into lightest color. To be is Vietnamese hair, all black color hair will make your natural hair with gorgeous hair!

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