What are you going to do for your summer Vietnam hair?

Tape in hair extensions are your perfect summer accessory. They make it not only possible, but easy to wear Vietnam hair extensions during the hot summer months. They’re light, reusable, and waterproof, but most importantly, they’ll last you all summer.They lay flat and blend perfectly, keeping your extensions your secret.

No matter what you’re doing this summer, whether it’s picnics or beach trips, look gorgeous doing it with tape in hair extensions.

Tape-in Vietnam hair extensions

  1. Invisibility Lightweight

Tape-in hair extensions are the perfect Vietnam hair extensions for summer hair beauty. First, they’re invisible. Strong, non-damaging tape lays flat to the head so that each extension blends seamlessly with your own hair. And of course, if you style your hair for a summer event , tape-in hair extensions always look 100% natural like your own hair – because they are made from 100% healthy human  hair.

  1. Lightweight

Another major advantage of tape-in hair extensions: they’re lightweight. Their lightweight is also great for the summer heat. The thing anyone wants is to be hotter in the summer, so you wouldn’t want to add weight to your hair.

  1. Waterproof/Sweat proof

Tape-in hair extensions go perfectly with your active summer lifestyle. With warmer temperatures and often, high humidity, increased sweat is inevitable in the summer months.

Tape-in hair extensions remain unaffected by sweat. Even better, they’re also waterproof. You can swim, dive, play in the waves or under a waterfall. The hair color will not fade due to chlorinated pools. Because we use 100% Remy Vietnam human hair. Your tape-in hair extensions maintain their gorgeous luster.

  1. Reusable

Tape-in hair extensions are also reusable. You can slide out and later re-tape any hair extension weft, whenever you want, for up to one year. Each weft can be reused up to three times. This means your extensions will last you all summer.

  1. Braids, Mermaid Waves, from thin to thick, and Other Summer Styles

The best reason to get tape in Vietnam hair extensions this summer is to help you rock this seasons trendiest styles. Braids and mermaid waves are at the forefront of hair trends, but both require lots of hair to look good.

Wearing tape in hair extensions gives you the added volume and length. Regardless of your preferred do, tape in hair extensions can give you the length and volume to do them all.

After using Tape-in Vietnam Hair extensions

Tape-in Vietnam hair extensions are the ultimate “must-have hair accessory” for your active summer lifestyle. They can give you the freedom to immerse yourself in your summer – and look glamorous doing it.

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